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Hello, I'm new to this site and wanted to introduce myself. I'm married to a woman and we have a donor that is helping us get pregnant. Our first try was last month, I had so many pregnacy symptoms I was sure I was pregant. On 14DPO I started spotting (brown with some pink never enough to show on a pad) and I was sure it was implanation bleeding, that lasted for 3 days then I got my period- very heavy day one and day two (today) It still red but when I wipe it's red with a lot of clear mc. I still feel pregnant, my breast are huge, I have a pulling feeling in my vigina, I feel sick al the time and always after I eat. I feel like I'm going crazy and my body is making up symptoms.. Has anyone has similar symptoms? Thanks for all you'll help! Also to add 3 days after ovulation I wiped and saw lite pink then brown then nothing so I though that was implanation but then realized it was probably too early so when I said brown discharge on 14DPO I was hopeful I was implanted later than I though? My normal period is brown for half a day then turns read right away, this month it was 4 days late and went from brown to pink to brown and then full blow red!

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  • Welcome! Pregnancy symptoms from what I hear are very similar to PMS and menstrual symptoms. I've had about every phantom symptom in the book, but after 2-1/2 years of the same negative results, I've decided not to put any stock into them. It sounds like you had your period (boo to AF!) so time to move onto cycle #2! I'm sorry about the BFN and hope you have success soon!

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    IVF #3: 9R/5M/5F ~ 1 frosty!
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    Beta #3 11/29 (18dpo/13dp5dt) = 1,997 ~ Beta #4 12/1 (20dpo/15dp5dt) = 3,403


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  • Thank you! It's nice to hear I'm not alone :) we just started cycle two- let's hope this month is the one!
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