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Emotions or lack there of

I am a little over 4 1/2 weeks pregnant.  Usually I am a very happy person.  I take great joy in very simple things.  I expected to get mood swings with pregnancy (and maybe they are yet to come) but I just feel like my happiness has been taken down a few too many notches, leaving me feeling 'meh' more than anything.  Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: Emotions or lack there of

  • I am 18 weeks and 1 day, I was a happy all over women, I mean I am a all natural fiesty, tell it like it is, call it when I see it peraon, but usually up beat on the go, since being pregnant I have lost all energy and motivation. I am ten times.more feisty, with a mouth that seems to go with no control, im easy to cry, its hard. I HAVE A HARD time with other people because im severally moody. I am no so incomfortable with myself, my weight, my preg, I dont sleep much I toss and turn Im ready to be done.
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