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Question on bleeding after miscarriage (please help!)

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I recently had a miscarriage.  Doctor confirmed my miscarriage at 11th week and said my fetal stopped developing at 5th week.  She prescribed me Misoprostol to flush out my uterus (since my husband and I didn't want to do a surgery).  I took it vaginally last week on Tuesday (09/09/14).  Doctor said after I pass out the tissues, I should only bleed up to one week.  I was a bit worried beginning of this week cause my bleeding did get better but still consistent, my doctor ordered a blood test and ultrasound on Monday (09/15/14), my HCG was dropping and the ultrasound revealed there's no tissue left just blood I should be able to pass it out soon.  But I'm still bleeding now, was wondering if anyone here had the same experience before?

Re: Question on bleeding after miscarriage (please help!)

  • This past loss I bled/spotted for almost a month total. You are not alone!

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  • Thank you for answering my post, that makes me feel a lot better and not worried.
  • The two natural losses I only bled a bit longer than a normal period because I was only around 5 weeks.  My missed miscarriage that occurred at 7 weeks I had a D&C for and even after the surgery I still bled pretty heavily for a week and a half.   Went two weeks, and then had a period!  So I spent alot of time bleeding that month but definitely bled more than a week even with the surgery so you're not alone in going longer than the average week.  So sorry for your loss.  
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