Pregnant after 35

Should I tell my kids, or wait?

I have two young children from a previous marriage. They are ages 6 and 3.
This weekend is my weekend to have them, so it's the first time seeing them since I discovered my pregnancy. 
I really want to tell them they are going to have a baby brother/sister! They both have been asking for us to "make them one". But...I know once I tell them, they will more than likely tell their dad who will tell his family and any mutual friends we might have, so I don't want the secret out yet. I want to go to the u/s at 8.5 weeks, see for myself the baby is okay, and THEN reveal.
But...part of me feels bad for not letting them know right away. Especially in about 2wks when I will probably get m/s, and will be too sick to play with them like I normally do. 


Re: Should I tell my kids, or wait?

  • Play it by ear! If you do get M/S and fund yourself slowing down, make the decision then. On another note, how did your pickles and ice cream dinner announcement go? :)
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    It went awesome. So last night I came home from work, and had the pee stick in my purse (hiding it). He was in the bedroom laying down and playing on his tablet. I lay down beside him and say "Man...I'm so hungry." He goes "Yeah? For what? So am I." I go "I don't does pickles and ice cream sound?" He says loudly "'re sooo pregnant!" and sits up and looks at me. I grin and reveal the pee stick and his eyes get really big, gets a HUGE smile and hugs me hard and was kissing me for like....2 minutes straight. :) 
    He kept telling me "A baby? I'm so happy! Awww...our baby." Then he was rubbing my bloated belly and smiling. It was adorable. He then says "You know I won't let you do now, right? Don't lift that loaf of bread! It's too heavy for you!" We had a good laugh and went to dinner for my current craving: pizza and subs :)
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  • My kids are similar ages to yours (6,4, and 2 next week). I choose to wait. Godforbid we loose the pregnancy, I don't want them to go through the pain. Also 9 months is a long time when they are so young. I have had morning sickness and fatigue. They know I am not feeling well, but too young to associate it with pregnancy.

    In the end you need to do what you feel is right. Everyone has a different opinion on this. I am currently 9 weeks and have not told them yet.
  • @Sharon&Paul- That's true. I don't want to go through having to tell them something bad happened (God forbid). I will wait until the ultrasound at 8.5 weeks. Thanks!
  • My kids are 10 and 7.  I waited until after 9 week U/S to tell them.  I didn't tell family etc until a few weeks later and it was torture for my girls to keep their mouths shut LOL!  I would wait :0
  • I would definitely wait until after the u/s!
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  • I would wait.  I had to tell work because M/S is so bad.  My parents know, because they live with us and keep DS during the day, but DH's family does not know.  We probably won't tell them until after I receive the results from the NT scan/bloodwork and any other tests we decide to do.
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  • Please don't tell them. They won't understand if you have to "un -tell" them.

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