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intermittent cramping with history of fibroids

Im 8 weeks along and have been having cramps on and off for the past 3 weeks or so. Sometimes they stem from my bladder being full, sometimes it feels like my uterus is expanding and other times, there is no explanation. I also am having a hard time determining if Im having hunger pangs or its something else and if they are, just how much to eat to get them to go away. I often overcompensate and end up feeling full and completely uncomfortable! This is my first pregnancy at age 39 and I thought that it would be a lot more enjoyable. I have been uncomfortable since I found out we were expecting. Does anyone have any ideas, tips or just positive reinforcement that could shed some light on my ignorance! Thanks

Re: intermittent cramping with history of fibroids

  • I don't have a history of fibroids, but I did have round ligament pain in the first trimester with my DS and now this LO.  With DS, it went away in my second trimester.  I've had some cramps, but nothing I was worried about.  Sorry, I know this isn't much help, if any at all.
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  • Thanks. It was a big help!
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  • I had fibroids with both DS and DD.  They actually grew with my pregnancy and did cause a little discomfort towards the end, but honestly, it wasn't bad.  I had the same sensation (pulling, stretching..etc) in the first trimester and I'm pretty sure it went away by the time I entered the second trimester.  

    As for the enjoyable part….I was not the happy go lucky pregnant lady (maybe with this one!). :) 

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  • I don't have fibroids but I cramped like my period from 4-10 weeks. Dr said it was everything stretching.
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    I have a history with fibroids as well. I had a myomctomy about 7 years ago (the fibroid was 10 cm). At the Ultrasound at 13 weeks they also examined the fibroid. It's about 4 cm and is located at the back of my uterus. As far as I know it is important to know where it is because it may or may not impact your pregnancy. I am lucky. I do have some cramps but nothing that would make me think it's because of the fibroid. I am not doctor but it seems to be that the things you are feeling are pretty normal, but just to be safe you should mention the cramps to the doc. 
    I am 40 and 15 weeks along. Hang in there! :x

    PS: I also want to add that you may need to have a C-section. I will because of the myomectomy, but my doc said even if I didn't have that it is a high chance that I would need a CS. 

  • Thanks everyone for the tips! I have been stretching, power walking and eating to try and calm things down. I have been cleared to continue my wo schedule, but I will listen to my body. My cramping continues, but hopefully, as I approach my second trimester, it will fade. I guess it's true when they say pregnancy is a young woman's game!!! Lol
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