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Early ultra sound in Portland?

Hi guys, does anyone know of a clinic that specialize in early ultra sounds to find out sex? I was reading on my birth month forum that there are clinics who specialize in ultra sounds to find out sex at 14 weeks. Does anyone know of something like this in the Portland area?
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Re: Early ultra sound in Portland?

  • There are no places like this in Oregon any longer. From what I gathered some kind of law passed about a year ago preventing elective ultrasounds like these. But you can go to Ultrasona in Vancouver.

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  • Ohh is that why?? I was trying to figure out why the only one was in Vancouver! I actually since decided to not do an elective ultrasound anyways (gotta love the indecisiveness of pregnancy). Thanks for your help though!
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  • alu2alu2 member
    Ultrasona Fetal Fotos in Vancouver is awesome. I have gone to them with all of my pregnancies, I am so excited to go back very soon for a gender ultrasound on this third pregnancy! They also do 3D images and have such better quality than even my diagnostic ultrasound images at 20weeks. https://www.facebook.com/ultrasonafetalfotos/
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