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Just how lazy are you?

With a new baby I have noticed I take the easiest way (lazy way) out of alot more things. Anything you are lazy with now that you weren't before?

Mine would be laundry! It's piling up and as of right now we are on a need it wash it basis. Hopefully this changes because we just got our new washer/dryer. Also my looks. Messy bun and Soffe shorts are all the rage right? :-S

Re: Just how lazy are you?

  • dishes and laundry - they sit WAY too long now. 

  • Laundry. Because we have so much, it doesn't seem to matter if I work at it or not, it looks the same.

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  • Mornings in general... It's usually at least noon before we are up, dressed, and ready for the day...

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  • I'd say housework in general. Dishes and laundry are always almost done. I hate putting clean clothes away though. I have no idea why. I'll have piles of clean clothes before I take the 15 minutes to put everything away. I vacuum the floors a few times a week (we have 2 dogs and now that DS is crawling) but other than that.... totally slacking. I'm usually decorated for fall by now. I just don't think I have it in me.


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  • I have no issue doing dishes. But putting them away is a PILA I hate it. So my dishes normally get extra clean because I just add and wash again. :\">
  • My hair - I never ever dry it anymore, it's always up
  • Dished and laundry. Clean dishes sit in the dishwasher. Clean laundry sits in the dryer until DH has to dry his scrubs.
  • Surprisingly my kitchen is in better shape but there's two reasons for that. The first is the last month of pregnancy I decided I was sick of hand washing pots and pans so I started putting everything in the dishwasher. Sometimes that means it doesn't get completely clean and has to stay in there for a second wash, but at least I don't have to wash it.

    The second is I want to make sure I have a clean sink to wash bottles for dd. I only have 1 full days worth of bottles and it seems there's either not room in the dishwasher, or the dishwasher won't be full and ready to be run when I need to wash bottles.

    Laundry is almost always washed because I only have 3 pairs of pants that fit so I have to do laundry frequently but our clean clothes are just sitting in laundry baskets on the floor in our room. I do manage to get her stuff folded and put away though.
  • Vacuuming and showering definitely. we don't have any animals so vacuuming doesn't seem like such a big deal to me. I wash my body everyday but I only wash my hair every 3 or 4 days.
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  • Showering when my H isn't home as seen by my post. It's awful but easy to get away with as a SAHM, I don't really have to dress up ever. For play dates, I plan a day in advance when to shower for the other moms Lol.

    My hair too, I blow dry rarely now. And I wear the same four outfits. Being a mom has actually made me less lazy because I "have" to do so much now. I was very lazy before. I actually cook and clean now. I miss being lazy!




  • It was definitely not meant to make anyone feel inadequate or like they are supposed to be super mom. That was not my intent and I'm sorry you took it as such. We are all struggling with rearranging priorities. Whether this is your first second or third child. Trust me I don't care that I have let stuff slip and no one should. We are now one child up what we had and if all you do is make it through the day and take care of LO that's all that matters.
  • I've worn my hair down maybe twice since M was born. I have difficult hair and have too much else to do them spend hours blowing out, straightening, etc.

    The general pick up is better because M is watched in our home all day and I want to make sure it's a safe place for him and comfortable for his nanny.

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  • Definitely the hair. I've probably blow dried it twice since DD was born. It's always thrown up.
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  • We are all watching cartoons because I worked all day and that's all I've got in me.
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  • I may have purchased a fourth laundry basket just because the 3 we already own are constantly full of laundry that needs to be folded and put away...
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  • Let's see... my hair, make up and def vacuuming also laundry. We are bad at putting it away too.
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  • Mine is definitely dishes! I rarely unload the dishwasher, we just grab clean stuff out as we use until it's empty then load the next ones (yes, I realize this makes me seem like a total slob)
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