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What would you like to start over on?

What would you like to start over on? Meaning if you could go back to day one with LO is there something you wish you'd done differently? I wish I never started nursing to sleep. I should have tried harder to Eat Play Sleep. I can't seem to break the habit now and it really upsets me that I can't put her down for a nap. She is sleep trained for nights and goes down awake but naps are a cruel joke in this house.

And as much as I say I will do that next time I really don't know if I will be able to accomplish it. I had a really rough recovery and nursing to sleep was all i could manage in the beginning.

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Re: What would you like to start over on?

  • Going back to DS (he's 3 now)...I wish I was more patient and didn't wear my emotions on my sleeve bc he picks up on it and has started to exhibit the same behavior. Not into it and I feel like it's my fault.

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  • With my 2 year old, I wish we did things differently with meals. He's always been a poor eater, but now he mostly eats snacks at the coffee table.
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  • I agree with Cara about nursing to sleep. Had to do CIO to break it and that sucked, but was necessary.


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  • I feel like I am going to regret the pacifier. DD never really took one but DS loves his. I fear weaning from it when the time comes.

  • There really isn't too much that I would change about what I'm doing with him.  We've really been blessed with a great baby.  My change with have to do with labor and his birth.  I wish I'd stood up for myself and just gone on bed rest instead of allowing them to induce me.  My body wasn't ready for labor, I ended up with a cs, and then with a lot of medical complications for the month after.  I feel like I missed his whole first month of life.
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  • Cloth diapering
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  • Patience, I feel like there's times when I've lost it because I couldn't see the light that was right around the corner anyways. I wish we had worked on him sleeping on his own better, although I don't know how. I wish h and I had planned better so that I could be at home. I feel like some of his eating/sleeping issues I could better work on at home.
  • Another vote for nursing to sleep. Ugh. No naps to speak of happening in my house. I feel like I'd have more patience and be happier overall if could get him down for even an hour per day where I could just have time to myself to get things done or read a book

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  • Another for nursing to sleep! OR laying down asleep. I am starting to put her down awake and pat her back and walk away. (its a hit or miss if it works) Sleep has gotten a little better most of the time. She is napping now. 
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  • Another vote for breastfeeding. I was so overwhelmed with being a FTM. So hormonal. I wish I would have tried harder. We only lasted about 4-6 weeks. I still feel bad about it too. I'm going to try a lot harder this time around.


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  • With DS: Realizing he needed physical therapy as an infant, I was a FTM and missed the signs until he was older.  Also not being able to breastfeed him long (only 2 weeks), but now that I am a second time mom I realize I did the best I could at the time.

    With DD: I honestly don't think there is anything I would do differently.  I was able to breastfeed her longer, 5 months, but I do wish we could have kept going for longer.  Nothing I would really do different though.


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  • With my 2 year old, I wish we did things differently with meals. He's always been a poor eater, but now he mostly eats snacks at the coffee table.

    Mine too. I think they all roll like that.

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  • I wish I had pushed dh more to help w dd's cf needs. Especially her therapy, if he would split the load I would feel so much less pressure. Now we are in a rut of me doing all of it unless I can't and him having excuses when I ask otherwise.

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