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High School

Let's go back in time a bit.

What did you do for fun? What 'click' were you in? Were you a jock? Nerd? Partier? What was it?!



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Re: High School

  • JennaRaekJennaRaek member
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    I don't know if I ever was in a certain 'click' or group of people. I got a long with everyone and was constantly hanging out with different types of people. I was a gymnast but that's as far as I went athletically. For our little school, we were damn good :) I guess I would say I was a bit of a partier. Which is funny because my dad was the guidance counselor and always told me I had to be somewhat of an example for the other kids. Yet I was the one who knew where the party was every weekend. People would always come to me for plans for the weekend. If nothing was going on, we'd throw a kegger in the middle of the woods. Haha. So redneck sounding but they were so fun! Still enjoy one every once in a while :)


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  • I liked HS....I was a *gasp* cheerleader. Oi. I loved volleyball, but decided to go out for cheerleading, instead. I had a serious boyfriend for 3 yrs in HS and he took up most of my time. He was a tri-captain for football, baseball and basketball. So, we were friends with the athletes. I got along with everyone, tho. It's just my personality. I like people from all walks of life.

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  • I hung out with the skater/emo/stoner kids. I got along with a lot of people, just not very many girls. I didn't party, but mostly because I wasn't allowed to.

    For fun:
    I was in track. I pole vaulted and ran the 200m dash. I was president of SADD for a year. I hung out at the skate park pretty much every day. Hanging out at the skate park continued after we graduated and I'm glad it did because it's where DH and I met.
  • this one time in band camp....

    I was a band geek - I played about 6 instruments through out middle school/high school and toured Europe with a band (playing the bassoon).  I also did stage crew for the school musicals and was VP of the science club. 

    fintinMrsGraham06[Deleted User]
  • I don't know how my friends and I would have been labelled. We were just kind of middle-of-the-road. Did well in school, but weren't "nerds". Active in different sports/clubs/music/etc (well, no sports for me) but not overachievers. Most of us got along with just about everyone.
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  • I loved high school. I hung out with people from every group. I was in chorus and theatre. Outside of school I took dance classes. I had a couple serious relationships. I partied a lot but with kids from other schools so I didn't get a bad reputation. I was a fighter in HS, my friend is autistic and people made fun of him and I often ended up hitting someone. Oh I was also in a ton of art classes.
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  • aeh8810aeh8810 member
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    I was a band geek. I played three different instruments. I was in the honors program, in NHS, took Latin, and hung out with the other nerds. But I also was on the gymnastics team and the fastpitch team. Band was probably the best part about high school though. Our director was great and encouraged me to join the marching band in college. Thank goodness I did because that is where I met DH.
  • I was a cheerleader X_X haha. Never really fit in with that crowd though. Hung out more with the party crowd. Then I met my dh and that was pretty much my focus till I got preger. Then I had no friends, we'll few friends I should say. No one wants to party with a preger! Haha
  • You guys are making me feel bad about my party days!! Haha. I'd just like to point out - I didn't have a bad reputation or anything. I got decent grades. Had 2 serious relationships throughout HS.  Just had probably too much fun!


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  • BMReid said:
    @jennaraek -- I definitely partied! I was the one in my group that had an older brother, so he bought our alcohol. Started smoking weed my freshman year. I just had to be careful about it being advertised, because my mom was a substitute.

    Yes! I learned to be very sneaky because my dad worked at the school. I never lied. My parents always knew where I was. I just didn't fill in all the details. I never got into weed or anything. It was all beer for this girl.


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  • Ugh, I hated high school.  My school was very clique-y and annoying.  I did well in school, got As and Bs.  Towards the end of highschool I was totally a raver chick and had tons of friends outside of my high school.  I still love techno <3


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  • Band nerd! (music in general, the choir and band kids hung out) I was in a dozen honor bands in HS. I never said anything negative about partying, but people assumed I'd be against it, so was never invited :( I guess even my then-boyfriend kept it from me.

    While I did enjoy myself, I think I enjoy my fun now even more. Oh, I read back then. A TON! Old books, new books, almost anything fiction. I don't have time for books now, other than text books. 

    I turned nerd for sure. I'm really enjoying my accounting and business law text books! 

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  • Haha @3peat there was a guy in high school who had one brown eye and one half brown half bright blue. I was mesmerized until I actually talk to him and he was a douche.
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  • I was in the "cross country cult" I ran xc and track. We were a pretty good team and we were a very close group. I say they saved me from getting into the "wrong crowd" I started hs being friends with a different crowd and then switched. I am happy I did. I am sure my life would be different. Who knows if I would of went to college. Then I would not of met my dh... Crazy to think all this. So I guess I was in the jock crowd. I had my first drink the summer before college. So def not a partier. 
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  • painttheair14painttheair14 member
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    I was just thinking how much more annoying high school would be now with Facebook around.
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  • I really could take or leave high school...except basketball I love it and miss playing all the time! I played in college too and I wish I could suit up and play in another game.

    My best friend from high school is now my sil...the funny part is that when we were in high school I didn't know she had an older brother (hubby) bc he was at college when we started becoming friends and I never ran into him until after we graduated college!

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