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least favorite thing about pregnancy?

What is the one thing you are not looking forward to next time around?

Or ladies that are done. What is the one thing you are happy not to go through again?
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Its a surprise! Team green!

Re: least favorite thing about pregnancy?

  • I am not looking forward to first tri uncertainty and the wait to see if it will "stick" I had a previous mc so the first tri was nerve racking. Even without a mc I thought it was nerve racking.

    I am so not looking forward to the first tri next time!
    BFP #1 (7/13/12) MC (8/14) 9 weeks. D & C 8/17.
    BFP #2 (5/18/13) due 1/26/14. Grow baby grow!
    Its a surprise! Team green!

  • I'm so glad not to have to go through the first four months again. The worry, morning sickness etc sucks. Plus, I hated not being able to have a drink from April to January.

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  • Morning sickness and not knowing if my baby will be healthy or not. I'm afraid to try again cause I'm afraid of having another preemie, I don't want to put another baby through that.
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  • Morning sickness/nausea. And 3rd trimester uncomfortable-ness.


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  • The constant peeing
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  • I'm happy not to go through morning sickness again. With both pregnancies I had it the entire time.

  • The constant worry for sure.
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  • Umm... Everything!  I am really glad I am done.  If DD had been my first pregnancy she would have been my last since I was sick the whole time even with Zofran.  I couldn't eat a whole meal without throwing up until after I gave birth.  

  • Sciatica. Ouch. I can hardly move some days :(


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  • Lack of sleep, nausea and back aches that would never go away.

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    I can't complain much about my pregnancy. I was super lucky it went well. Next time I'd like to skip the hemorhoids (sp?) I got post delivery.
  • Constantly being tired. I would go to work, come home and take a nap. I was useless of I didn't. I don't know what I am going to do next time when I have a toddler running around.
  • Inability to tolerate coffee during 1st trimester.

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  • The anxiety of the first trimester.

  • Morning sickness for sure.  I was feeling kind of ill last night (not PG, just regular sick), and I kept thinking, "I can't get pregnant again - I can't handle another 2 months of this!!!"  
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  • I had horrible tailbone pain starting around week 10. Add in the fact that I sit at a computer all day and I was pretty miserable. I am hoping it doesn't happen again with my next pregnancy, but it probably will. My doctor couldn't tell me why it was happening, only that out was probably related to an injury from when I was 13.
  • Definitley the constant worry.
  • I honestly didn't have any issues with my last pregnancy, no sickness etc.
    the thing that I can't stand is being uncomfortable sleeping the last 2 months of pregnancy. Had to switch sides every fricken hour
  • Labor.


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  • Acid reflux and losing the baby weight! I've nursed all 3 kids and it did nothing in regards to helping me lose weight! I still have 20 to lose from #3. I usually don't see my prepregnancy weight until almost a year old and I have to work/diet pretty hard to get there!

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  • Gestational diabetes. It was torture to limit my carbs and I just wanted really cold fruit the whole pregnancy. Exactly what I couldn't have. I would eat something then feel immediately guilty that I was hurting my baby. I broke down ugly crying on the stairs in SOs lap around 38 weeks because I just wanted to eat cuties. He was so sweet about how stupid I was being.
  • Anxiety, heartburn and awkwardly located vericose veins.

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  • I am very happy to be done with the childbearing process. And weight gain is my least favorite part.
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  • I'm glad to be alive after my induction and hemorrhaging post delivery. I'm scared to have that happen again. I didn't really get how scary it was until I thought about the fact that I might have to go through it again. It's not likely but it's a scary thought, and I never want to have to watch the look on H's face as he watches it all go down.
    Everything else is kinda sucky but I had a smooth pregnancy just scary delivery. So I guess labor for short.
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