How will you stay well this season?

Apparently it is supposed to be a really bad year for respiratory illness.  My 32 weeker is almost 2 and she always gets sick, perhaps because of her lack of time in the womb or perhaps because she shares and mouths everything.  We always just ride it out and because she didn't have lung issues, it hasn't mattered.  When she is sick, I keep her home, and these days are torture.  Now I have a 38 weeker who has severe laryngomalacia and he doesn't breathe well.  The NICU has said we cannot get him sick this year and are holding on to him but will definitely send him home before this issue is completely resolved.  The doctor even said we should limit visitors and not go to the grocery store.  My 32 weeker goes nuts if we stay in the house, and I can not imagine keeping her on lock down.  Any tips?  We need to keep him well when she is sick, keep her in activities that don't exposure her to as many germs, keep him from exposure when he is out, keep her entertained while on lock down, or some combo.  Help!

Re: How will you stay well this season?

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    I started taking my 31 weeker to storytime at our library in February cause I was going stir crazy. She always sat on my lap and never touched anyone else, but I guess anywhere you go they're exposed to airborne germs. She never did get sick from it though. I also took her to the grocery store and wore her in the moby/ergo. You and your DH can switch off who takes your DD to activities so your DS doesn't have to go. Same with the store. And I guess avoid places where she'd be touching germy stuff? And wear DS anywhere you go. That's all I can think of!! Tough situation for sure.

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    We're on the fence of what to do this winter. The girls turn two in 6 weeks and don't really have any lingering health concerns. We started venturing out into church child care and visits to the local Children's Museum....and then had two different colds over the course of four weeks. It's par for the course, I guess -- but, it makes it hard on everyone! 

    We'll talk it with our pedi when we go in a few weeks for their 2 year. We haven't done church childcare the past two weeks given they were a) sick themselves or b) now we're trying to lay low with the respiratory think hitting hard in our area right now. 

    My guess is that once we get the flu shot in them, we'll give church childcare a try again (I mean, it's one hour/week -- and we go to the first service of the weekend). I figure limited exposure is probably not a bad thing at this stage, right? We'll just confirm that with their pedi....
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