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Goopy eyes???

Anyone's little have this?

Re: Goopy eyes???

  • Yup, I was told it was a clogged tear duct and that it is very common. You can put a little pressure/massage near the inner corner of the eye... I think it's considered a problem if they still have it at a year old.
  • Use a warm wet washcloth to clean it off. Massage the inner corner with the warm washcloth for about a minute a few times every day. I usually do it when he's eating so that he'll be distracted.
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  • Yes.  I know it looks horrible but it's not really that bad.  DS had it and we were going in for a check up anyways so the doctor gave us drops.  It cleared up in less than 24 hours. I 2nd warm wash clothes to clean it up.  
  • Breastmilk. It's magic stuff, and clears it up right away.
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  • We've had this since the first week. Clogged tear duct. I think if you still have it around 1 year or 18 months they will do a small procedure to clear it, but until then a warm cloth and gently massaging it is what our ped suggested.
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  • Our bub had this for about a week. We cleaned with warm water and cotton wool starting from inside and working way out. We then applied some breast milk. 
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