Postpartum girdle??

Has anyone use a postpartum girdle after their c-section??  I'm about to go in for my 2nd in 2 weeks.  The first time around, my c-section was unexpected, so I had never even heard of these things.  This time around a couple of friends have recommended them.  My dr says that she does not recommend them, but they wouldn't hurt anything so I could get one if I wanted.  I've seen them online ranging in price from anywhere from $8-108...I have no clue what to do!!!

Has anyone found them useful?  Recommended brand?  I know they can help get your shape back after pregnancy, but that's really a fringe benefit for.  I'm more interested in something that will help in the healing process...especially since this time around I'll be chasing around a 2 year old ;)

Re: Postpartum girdle??

  • I got an abdomend off of amazon it was $68 I think then shipping Nd handling. I love this thing, 9 days pp it's the best money I've ever spent! I can even sleep in it. I got a size small and it's a little too big so I recommend buying one size down, bc it has Velcro that can be adjusted. I also have a 2 yr old that I can actually interact with, without it I don't think I could, and it doesn't even hurt to cough or laugh I can bend over in it. It holds everything in and has an extra support belt that you can use in the front or back. It didn't have very many bad reviews and the bad ones were about the sizing issue. It's not to off tho.
  • My hospital gave me one and I really liked the extra support. It also made it easier to keep my pants off my incision.
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  • My hospital gave me one and I really liked the extra support. It also made it easier to keep my pants off my incision.
    This.  I still have the one from my first, but I'm hoping to get a second one (wear one, wash one) at my rcs on Tuesday. 
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  • Thanks, ladies!  I wish my hospital would provide one, but alas, they do not :(  Definitely seems like most moms have found them helpful!  Wonder why the drs don't recommend them....
  • The one the hospitals give are a bit different than the ones people order they call theirs a binder I believe (I was confused when they brought it up) but it was very helpful with the pain....maybe ask the nurses after surgery
  • I didn't use anything with my first and was fine but i'm interested in some support item for this time. Actually asked about that at my doc appt today and the doc said our hospital doesn not provide anything.
    I have seen others on here mention Bellefit and Belly Bandit brands.
  • I was given one (upon request) from my hospital, and it really helped. Without it, I felt like my insides would fall out. It really took some of the pain of walking, standing/sitting away.
    I imagine you could ask ahead to see if your hospital has them, if not try to buy secondhand (Craigslist, etc) as people only use them a short while. I think I used mine for about 1 1/2 weeks.
  • My hospital also provided me with a binder, after I asked multiple nurses on numerous occasions.  I'm not sure why they were so reluctant to hand them out.  But it was very helpful in the beginning.  I've seen them on amazon for like $20 - it's pretty much a huge Velcro band. 


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  • My doctor recommended it to me as she was stitching me up. I guess she recognize my ab muscles didn't bounce back (diastasis recti) like normal. I just had to ask the nurse for it when I was in recovery. I used it for about 4 weeks, but it was bulky under clothes. Many have ordered the belle fit & belle bandit. I ordered the squeem one. LOVE IT.

    I didn't have one with my first and always felt like my insides were going to fall out. LOVED having one this time.
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  • I wish I had known about them with 1-3. The hospital offered one with #4 and OMG, it made a huge difference. It was nothing fancy, but I will forever suggest them! It holds things in place and made it much easier to get up and do everything. Less pain (I don't take pain meds when I get home).

    I would call the maternity floor at your hospital and ask if they have them up there. If so, don't buy one. Go with what they give you. 
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