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Too much formula!?

My ds is almost 3 weeks and eats 3oz of formula every 3-4 hours. He also takes appx 2-3 oz of breast milk daily ( it's all I'm making). His birth weight was 6 6 and he was back at bw one week pp.

Does this sound like too much??
Ps no he isn't spitting up and yes he is rooting for each feeding.

Re: Too much formula!?

  • If he's not vomiting or excessively spitting up, I'm confused as to why you would think there's a problem?
  • I think that's a completely normal amt whether BM or formula. Unless your baby is spitting a bunch out, I wouldn't think about it twice.
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  • If he is happy with it as other's have said then I don't see a problem. You can always try to stop him at 2 oz, burp and offer a paci if you are concerned. LO will let you know if he is still hungry. There is a big variance in bottle feeding from baby to baby so as long as they are gaining weight and in the right range then there is no real issue. My LO is 13 weeks and takes 4-5oz every 3 hours where I know others who's 13 week olds took 6-7oz every 4 hours.
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  • We had a similar thing. Hang in there with pumping! It'd take me 2 or 3 pumps to get 3 ounces. As for formula, if he's not spitting up, he could be a big eater. Ours also had acid reflux...if he seems content in between feedings then it's probably not that problem. Ours would eat, scream, eat. It was a combo of not enough milk and acid reflux.  
  • If he's not spitting up, it's not too much.  He might be going through a growth spurt.
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