stopping MOTN feeds for my (ex) 30 weeker?

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I have two amazing babes, and we are now at  roughly 5 months actual, 3 months adjusted. 

We just had a ped appt for DD's reflux but they did a weight/height check on both at the time. DS is weighing in at a 15 lbs while DD is 12 lbs 5 oz. Both are 23 inches long.

Doc seems to think that DS is eating too much and wants me to stop MOTN feeds (he only has 2). We've always fed on demand by going off hunger cues, and they've always been able to let us know when they do not want to eat. We couldn't force them to eat if we tried. 

DS is not 'overweight', he has all the appropriate amount of rolls and perfectly kissable cheeks. He's just short so his rolls are more noticeable. 

Am I crazy for not stopping MOTN feeds?! DD is up anyway and we only go in and feed if he's showing serious hunger cues anyway so it's not just a soothing technique. 

I normally trust our ped 100% but I'm second guessing myself here. If he had been a full term baby this wouldn't even be a concern, so I'm turning to the other preemie mommas!

I know ultimately, my kids, my choice, but any insight would be awesome :)

ETA: Not sure if it makes a difference but both DS and DD were born at 3lbs 3 oz so the rate of growth may also be a factor. 
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Re: stopping MOTN feeds for my (ex) 30 weeker?

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    What happens if you don't go in and feed him?  We started at 4 months not feeding unless they woke to feed (mine are 30 seekers too)… but 5 months they were STTN.  I would see what happens if you don't feed him how long he'll go… maybe he'll go down to just one feeding a night on his own.  I would think more about what he takes in over the course of the day not just at night.  What are their percentiles?  


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    My twins (33 weekers) were not waking up enough to eat very much when we were feeding them at 1am and 5am, so a few weeks ago we started feeding them just once at 3am. They have started eating more to make up for that dropped feeding and eat much better at 3 than they were at the 1 & 5. They are 2.5 months, my boy weighs 11lbs and my girl weighs 8lbs. (Can't remember the ounces.) You could try to drop 1 feeding for just 1 night to see how it goes. When I was considering doing this everyone told me that the babies would "let me know" if they were hungry, but I had such a hard time deciding to drop a feeding because all the people telling me to never had preemies. :)

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    Thanks!! They are definitely in the appropriate weight ranges but I just don't know how to drop the feeding(s).

    Did you just let the them cry until a set time? 

    I mean, DS does sleep one 6 hour stretch (down to bed at 6-7, then up at 12-1, and again at 4 or 5) which I thought was considered STTN at this age so I guess I'm just not sure what to expect :)

    I think DH might have to take the reins on this but it's so nice to hear from other preemie parents!

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    Oh, sorry I forgot to mention - in response to the question what happens if we don't go in to feed:

    We never wake them up to eat. We always let him "fuss it out" and only go in if hes actually showing hunger cues (video baby monitor) or extreme discomfort. They have been 'on demand' since leaving the NICU at 7 weeks old. 

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    My daughter had MOTN until almost 11 months. I always fed on demand, but she was barely drinking any milk so I dropped it and she didn't really care. 

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    I don't think you're crazy.  If you can handle it, I would keep doing it.  Preemies get fat, and then they grow tall...they don't always grow like other kids.  You don't need to worry about height to weight ratios until after age 2, as I understand it.
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    I would keep feeding MOTN if they're hungry.  However, we stopped the MOTN feeding when our daughter was about 8 months or so.  If they go back down if they get up without feeding, then I think you would be ok not feeding them.  However, I don't think that there is anything wrong if you want to feed them.
    Could it be that your doc is more concerned with a sleep schedule than too much weight gain?
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    Thanks everyone!

    I've decided to keep doing the MOTN feeds for now. They both put themselves back to sleep if they randomly wake up and not hungry so I'll stick to my gut and just keep doing what we're doing.

    The doc did mention that they SHOULD be STTN but they do 6-7 hour stretches before waking, so I'm not concerned about that bit. He was more concerned about the weight though, but both DD and DS are healthy. They are getting into the extremely active phase so I have a feeling the weight won't be an issue for too much longer!

    I feel so much better and really appreciate everyones thoughts on this. It's helped make the decisions a bit easier!

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    Are you supplementing breast milk? Maybe you can slow down on the formula added if the weight is really a factor. I wouldn't worry about weight at this point, those numbers aren't out of the world big. They are just squishy love bugs :) 
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    No breastmilk since 7 weeks. My supply dried up from all the NICU stress and the hospital hounding me to 'produce more'. 

    I had an good supply (6-7oz each pump session), but pretty much hourly the nurses would tell me it'll never sustain two newborn babies which in turn ended up increasing my PPD symptoms/anxiety, etc... buuutt that's a whole other story,lol.

    They were originally on fortified formula for extra calories but I stopped that probably a week or two from being home - they were gaining more than enough without it. 

    Since writing this, DS is now a hefty 17+ lbs and DD is nearly 15! They've both grown a lot in length though so docs are backing off ;)
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