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7 months old, sleep help

My 7 month old was getting to be a pretty good sleeper.  Sometimes sleeping through the night and sometimes only waking once but I could soothe him back to sleep pretty easily.

lately for the past week or so he's been waking 2-3 times at night screaming bloody murder!  I try to rock and soothe him but he arches his back and screams his head off.  NOTHING will calm him down except a bottle.  

Why is he doing this?  Growth spurt?  Teething?  Is he really that hungry at night?  He eats 36 ounces during the day plus 2-3 meals of solids.  

I don't want to create bad habits by feeding him 2 and 3 full bottles during the night but that is honestly the only thing that will calm him.  I'm trying to have patience and hopefully it will just be a phase that passes but I would appreciate any advice! 

Thank you:)
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Re: 7 months old, sleep help

  • Could be any of the above. Could also be an ear infection or some other type of illness. You might consider taking your LO to the pediatrician. If given the all clear health wise, it might be time for sleep training of your choice. Or just deal with it until the phase passes.
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