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How many bottles a day to keep nursing baby accepting both?

My 1st LO refused to take a bottle around 2 mo old.  I would have my husband give him a bottle once in the evening.  Sometimes it worked out to be only every other day.  Obviously, he found nursing to be superior, and then I was stuck.  I couldn't leave his side until he was 7 months old.  That was horrible.

So, with the second, even though I stay at home, (I do work a couple times a month at a bar), I'd like to keep this baby nursing and bottle taking.

When would you introduce the bottle?  How many bottles a day?  

I was thinking 2 bottles a day, after 1 solid week of nursing/latching well.

Re: How many bottles a day to keep nursing baby accepting both?

  • We tried one bottle a day after about a week of great latching/nursing, and the flow was too fast for her. It took her until almost six weeks to drink from a bottle without gagging/spilling/letting it flow out of her mouth. Now, we try and give her one a day. I'd like to up it to two just to make sure she's totally used to it, but this is my first so I don't really know what the eff I'm doing...

    Anyway! If you think two a day is good, go with it!

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  • We did 1-2 bottles a day. DS had no problem switching back and forth. Around 6 months he decided he didn't like bottles anymore. He flat out refuses. I'm not sure what happened.
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  • At about 3 weeks old, we introduced the bottle. We do one a day and DH gives it to her. I won't give her a bottle because I want her to only associate me with nursing. She's 6 months old and she's been great at both nursing and taking a bottle.
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