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When do you pump?

I'm wondering about the logistics of pumping with a toddler to please.  I used to nurse and then pump afterwards, but then it was easy because the only kid there was asleep!  I'm concerned about taking the 15-30 minutes of time away from my son to nurse baby, and then add another 10-15 minutes after to pump/clean up etc.

I was thinking about only pumping after the morning session and then after nursing during the couple hours my son naps.  Is that enough?  I SAH, so I don't have to nurse and pump, but I'd like to be able to pump enough so I can get out of a nursing session in the evening to have a few minutes to myself or with son.

Re: When do you pump?

  • Have you thought about pumping the side LO isn't eating from? That's what I've done with DD#2, DD#3 and plan to do with DS. I also SAH and only pump to donate so it isn't necessary just something I do to help other mommies ;)
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  • I used to pump 2hrs after both kids went to bed.

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    I also pump once at night, about two hours after they go to bed.

    Eta I also stay home so it's just for a stash.
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