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We decided to find out the gender

I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow, so we have awhile to go, but we decided to find out. Why is this a big deal? With baby #1, I wanted to find out and DH didn't. Our compromise was a gender reveal baby shower and we wouldn't find out on #2. But he changed his mind. Our lives are chaos right now. Some extended family members (including a teenage girl) are living with us due to problems at home. The teenage girl has been having lots of medical and psychiatric problems from the whole ordeal. I love these family members to death and want to help them in every way possible, but doing it during the first trimester just blows. They try to help around the house, and I really appreciate it when they do, but they have so much other BS going on in their lives that I don't get upset when they're not up to it. We assume they'll still live with us when the baby is born. So DH agreed (much to my surprise and excitement) that we should find out the gender just so we can have some control over something going on in our house. I agree!!!

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Re: We decided to find out the gender

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