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I am 37 years old and my husband and I just decided it was time to ditch the birth control and start trying for our first baby. Low and Behold we were pregnant the next month so I am still in a bit of shock, but so excited!  I have my first doctor's appointment in a couple of weeks and in the meantime am just going to start reading and learning from all of you experts out there.  I keep hearing that I am "high risk" and I hate it.  Im super healthy and really do not have any concerns.  That "high risk" label just lingers with me.  Glad I have all of you ladies to talk to...

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  • Maybe you won't be considered HR. I wasnt until this past week and I am 22 wks. Some on here go the whole pregnancy and never get laveled it. Good luck...Congrats...and Welcome!
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  • thank you for the kind words.  Ill just stay positive!  :-)

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  • Congrats and welcome.  Nice that it was easy for you and your DH to conceive! My Dr. was PG with my for my first and second DD and she was older than I was it so nice to have someone on my medical team going through the AMA process at the same time I was!  

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  • Congrats and welcome :)
  • Congrats and welcome!
  • I. 42 I'm high risk for other things but oddly enough not my age! Lol...welcome and h&h 9 months!
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  • Congratulations! Welcome.
  • You are all so kind!! Im already feeling better.  THANK YOU!

  • Congratulations!
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  • Congrats and welcome!! I was 36 with my last baby and I was not high risk. I will be 38 when this one comes :)

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  • Welcome to the group! Congrats, hope your first appt goes well! Excited for you! :)  I'm a FTM and my GP labeled me high risk b/c of my thyroid issues + MTHFR gene mutation AND being overweight + age, but my OB says I'm fine and everything is going fine, she'll let me know when and if it's time to worry about that!  We closely monitor my thyroid and blood pressure, so far so good!

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  • Congrats and welcome!

    You will not be considered 'high risk' based on your age alone.  You would need other contributing health factors. So if you are otherwise healthy, then you should stay with your original OB throughout your pregnancy. 

    Being 'older' only requires more testing, if you choose them, and that's about it! :)
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  • Don't worry.  HR just means you get to see the baby a whole lot more.  And who doesn't love another ultrasound?

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  • Welcome, I had the same experience but at 43! I am 13 weeks and crazy shocked and excited and scared! I thought I was high risk when I called an OB to make an appt, but after speaking and seeing me, I am just labeled advanced age. My friend calls me geriatric pregnant. ha! Not really funny! I agree with the other ladies, I think you need other indicators than advanced age to be considered "high risk", but I did take the 10week matern21 test to test for chromosonal abnormalcy. I am clueless, but can def share my expereince as a FTM with you.


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