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How often does your LO get fruit? I try keep it to only once a day but sometimes it's twice. Also, anyone try any of the higher acidic fruits yet? (Kiwi, pineapple, citrus) I'm a bit hesitant to but will soon.

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  • About once a day. He's had pineapple, but only because he stole a piece from DD at breakfast a few days ago.
  • I don't always give DD fruit but she has a veggie every day. She hasn't had any real acidic fruits yet - I'm too afraid because of her reflux lol she has had bananas, pears, and peaches so far. We are going to try blueberries tomorrow.

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  • So what are your meals then? I give fruit at every meal (prunes, actually. DS can't poop without them and our ped said it's okay). I would love to hear what your meals look like. Mine are sounding a bit too fruity!

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  • @sunnyplaces I usually do a fruit as "breakfast". We try to get one meat mixture in at some point. Gerber has chicken and apple, turkey and rice, etc. that DS really likes. I try to do those as a "lunch" or a "dinner".
  • We do oatmeal for bk, sometimes with a fruit. Then a veggie at lunch and a veggie and a meat for supper. Sometimes a fruit at lunch too.
  • Breakfast: cereal (oatmeal) and fruit
    Lunch: oatmeal and veggie
    Dinner: meat, veggie, fruit

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  • I give a veggie and a fruit at every meal except at breakfast she gets cereal and fruit. She eats 3 solid food meals a day.

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  • I wish we could give more fruit, but DD has gotten hives from every fruit we've tried except bananas. And we can't give her tons of bananas or she'll get constipated.
  • M gets fruit every morning with a bit of cereal. Lunch is veg and dinner is meat and veg.

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  • Usually she gets fruit 1-2x a day. Usually always in the morning, and a few bites after lunch or dinner if she finishes her meal and is still hungry. Since there is still watermelon being sold, my husband keeps buying it and so she gets watermelon cubes several times a day when we have it.

    Some days, though, its all she wants to eat. I don't know...I'm one of those moms who is just happy her kid is eating and gaining weight. Maybe I am too lenient?
  • A new favorite here is apple and spinach purée. Fruit and veg 2-for-1! :)
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  • We do cereal for breakfast, fruit for lunch, and then veggie for dinner with a bit of fruit for "dessert" (sometimes chicken mixed in with the veggie but not every night, it seemed to make her a bit constipated but we'll try again soon)
  • Can I ask why some don't give fruit at every meal? I've read multiple places online that say to try and give a fruit and a veg at every meal. Did I miss something?

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  • I think it's just because of the sugar. Since fruits are sweeter they think babies will be more inclined to eat them instead of veggies.
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