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I don't know where to put this, but where did my boobs go!?

So I BF In the Hospital, And FF and pumped (for the first three months) and I have hardly any boobs some women I know EBF for a year with their kids and now have small boobs or implants. It's crazy because while being pregnant I was liking the extra curves and of course while the milk is coming in, they seemed huge, now it's pretty much time to buy a small training bra. LOL. Ftm So Of Course All This Is New To me. But I just wanted to make a comment how much our bodies go through, big to small..ect.

Re: I don't know where to put this, but where did my boobs go!?

  • I feel ya! Went from a modest B cup to nearly spilling out of a C in a wider band. I stopped nursing at 3 months for supply issues and am in the awkward point where I'm still too big for my original bras but too small for the ones I bought while pregnant. It is pretty crazy and something no one gets until you're there. I had no idea/didn't really believe it. 
  • With my first I went from a C cup to an F cup. Then dropped to a DD. This past pregnancy went from a DD to bigger then an F. Dropped down to a DDD. Now Idk what I am. One looks like its a B, maybe a C. The other looks like its a D, maybe a DD. I'm so self conscious about them. I hate it.
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  • I went from a B to a DD. YIKES! I am 9m PP and haven't breastfeed in 8m. I am now a C. I only have 9lbs to lose before I am back to pre-pregnancy weight, so the likelihood of them going back to a B seems small.
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