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Bookcase for Nursery

We were lucky enough to be gifted a "book" shower by my generous co-workers to help build baby's library.  Besides Land of Nod ($$$) does anyone have reccs for where to purchase to bookcase (baby's furniture is dark espresso-like so finding it hard to match online)?

Re: Bookcase for Nursery

  • If you're looking for functional & nothing fancy, have you tried Target or Walmart or Ikea? I think when we were last at Ikea, they had pieces in that color range & also just shelves that could be wall mounted.
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  • We just used 2 floating shelves from BB&B.  We had quite a few books and they all fit.

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  • I've had a bad experience buying a bookcase from Target. Essential parts were missing so you couldn't even start putting it together! I usually go to Ikea or garage sales/consignment. The low-end Ikea stuff is often really flimsy in my experience but the mid-priced stuff lasts pretty well.

    You can also consider a nice contrasting color instead of trying to match. Matching everything to the same color is really out according to my interior designer mom :)

  • We get all of our bookshelves from nude furniture stores and have them stained. They are all-wood, every high quality, and will last for generations. Also, pretty darned affordable. We are serious book lovers, so bookshelves are a very big deal to us. I also love the Ikea spice racks for kids' rooms. We are going to do that for our kids in addition to their bookshelves.
  • My friend and sister went with Target. Hubby and I went for a decorative basket next to the glider and a floating shelf. Otherwise we will keep books in the closet in Tupperware drawers.
  • We have an Ikea Kallax that we use as a changing table / book case. It's awesome, very sturdy, and can be vertical or horizontal. (I attached a picture of ours but it comes in many configurations and colors)
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  • We have three - all are great:

    1) the box bookcase from Ikea

    2) one that is wood (painted blue) and canvas (red) similar to this:  This and a fun chair makes up her reading corner.  Best for small-medium size books.

    3) one that is fancy like this one, though ours is a different theme, that is next to her bed:

    Levels Of Discovery Alphabet Soup Revolving Bookcase Multi-Color

    Last I counted DD has ~100 books so these are packed full (well, the Ikea case also holds toys).  What is nice is that no matter where we are in the house a book is nearby.

  • We're doing something like this, but not nearly to this extreme. My dad is building the shelves for us, but I've seen floating bookshelves sold at Target (

    I also purchased this night stand from Target ( for additional book/misc. storage.

    Hope this helps!  :)

  • The IKEA spice racks are unfinished so they could be stained to match baby's furniture. I plan to switch my son's books onto these soon instead of using bookcases because I think they'll be easier on him for getting books down himself.

    Not so much an issue for the first year or so, but in the long run, you'll want something toddler-friendly.

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