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Newly pregnant in Portland! :)

Hi guys! I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant! I live in Portland, but right on the border of Beaverton. I am due in May 2015. And I have decided to go with OHSU, so I scheduled my first prenatal appointment for a few weeks out. I would love to organize a Portland meet up if anyone is interested. :)

Re: Newly pregnant in Portland! :)

  • Hi! I am pregnant with our second and due late May as well- I work full time but live in Multnomah and would love to find other moms and moms to be in the area


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  • I'm also a FTM due in May and from the Portland area. I'd be interested in a meet up potentially. I also frequent the May 2015 boards.
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  • Hello! I'm also in the May 2015 boards but would love to connect to local moms to be. I'm right near Washington Square and I'm going to Andaluz Birth Center and love it. Looks like we are all due around the same time - how exciting!
  • Hello Ladies! I am also due in May :) Also interested in a meetup!! 
  • Hi mommies! I am due in June, but am also a FTM living in the Portland area! I am located in Vancouver, WA with my husband, puppy, and kitty! I frequent the June boards, but would love to connect with fellow mommies in the area who are having babies around that same time as I am! Hope you are all doing well and having a wonderful holiday season!
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    I am due in May too! A meetup would be great! Would love to connect!!

    I am also going to OHSU and live in Tigard. I have taken some yoga classes at Andaluz.
  • Hey May ladies! I'm in PDX and would love to do a meet-up! FTM here, teacher, due May 29th. Anyone considering prenatal yoga?
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  • I want to do prenatal yoga but haven't found a place yet. Any recommendations??
  • I've been doing prenatal yoga on Sundays at Heartsong Yoga in Beaverton.  The teacher, Amarylis is great!
  • Hi, FTM in Lake Oswego here. I would love a meetup also. Just moved here a month ago. It seems difficult to find prenatal groups out here! I have been to Yoga Pearl once for prenatal and I really liked it. They have 3 different prenatal instructors too :-)
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    For those looking for a good yoga class I highly recommend Sunset Yoga's prenatal yoga on Sundays! The instructor is great and the class is very positive. 
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  • I'm over in Lake Oswego too! But I'm not due till January, but would still love to meet up!
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