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When to transition into sharing a room?

My boys are 2.5 years apart but we are due with our girl in two months when DS#2 is only 15 months.  DS#2 is still in the crib and shows no sign of wanting/needing to move into a toddler or twin bed.  DS#1 was climbing out of his crib by 13 months so he moved to a toddler bed by 14 months.  I want to have the nursery ready for  DD when she is 3-4 months old but I'm not sure when to move DS#2 upstairs with DS#1.  I'm worried about how DS#2 will deal with having a baby in the house as well moving to share a room with his older brother.  Any suggestions?

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  • DD was 19.5 months when DS was born.  We left her in a crib.  She wasn't trying to get out and I didn't want to force her out with everything else going on.  That worked well for us because DD stayed in her crib till 3.  And DS is still in his at 2.  

    Is there a reason you can't move DS#2 into his brother's room now and keep him in a crib?  Otherwise I'd transfer him into a twin bed now into his brother's room.  I think it's better to do earlier than right when the baby is here.  
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    I vote the sooner the better on the transition. Move DS2 and his crib to the new room. I'm all for keeping kids contained in a crib as long as they are happy and safe. Plus, kids shouldn't be forced to grow up early just because they are getting a new sibling. There are plenty of safe, but inexpensive, options for a second crib for your DD.
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  • I agree that the sooner the better about making transitions so that your toddler is already adjusted before the new baby comes.
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