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Did you feel "normal" before you went into labor?

I'm 3 days away from my due date and I have had a very easy pregnancy (this is my first), other than heartburn and being tired.  I'm 39wk4days and honestly thought I'd have him by now.  I know due dates are an educated guess, but other than minor contractions every now and then I feel "normal" which makes me think it's not going to happen any time soon.  My last appointment my Dr. said I was almost completely effaced, but haven't dialated at all yet.

I'm curious as to other women's stories about how they felt before going into labor.  Did you feel fine then labor hit?  Did you feel "off" or sick, etc.?

Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Did you feel "normal" before you went into labor?

  • I felt fine until I went into labor.  I never had any false contractions and my back pain didn't start until further along into labor.  So it caught me by surprise, except that it started a day before my due date so I was looking out for signs. 
  • With my second, I thought i was having false labor I felt so normal!! I had an appt (I was 10 days early!) and almost drove myself there, but my husband decided to take me instead. I had had like one hour of false labor a day for a week, so I casually told the midwife that during my internal exam and she looks and goes - it’s not false!! I was 4 cm dilated!! No hospital bag, no car seat, hubs had to run home for all of it and came back an hour before ds was here!! Talk about normal lol ... 
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