Can I skype or FaceTime a csection birth?

I will be discussing this with my doctor the next time I go but I just got some of the worst news and my mind is racing! My husband will be deployed when I will be having our second child and I am just devastated! Especially with another csection I really needed/wanted him here! If he is able does anyone know if they will allow a computer or tablet in the operating room? Would a nurse be willing to help so I could have pictures as well?

Re: Can I skype or FaceTime a csection birth?

  • We cannot answer this question, only your doctor and hospital can.
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  • I had a friend who went through this, exactly. She was allowed to Skype with him. Every hospital is different though and you will have to ask. The rules can often be bent and I would just stress how important it is to you. My H was told he couldn't watch the baby being lifted out but when the time came the doc told him to stand up and watch over the curtain. I would just be open about it. Are you going to have someone else with you in the OR? Sorry that you have to go through this.
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  • A lot say no for liability reasons but pictures are acceptable

    You will have to check with your hospital and doctors policy
  • One of my parents will be with me (hopefully that's allowed) I don't know if they have rules on who can be in the OR since my husband was with me for our first child. I will be bringing this up at my next appointment and hopefully the doctor will help me make a plan and let me know what is and what is not allowed. I know they might say no but I guess I'm glad I found out at 12 weeks so I can cope with it :/ at the the very least I will make sure I have a whole camera full of pictures
  • I know each hospital has its own set of rules, but we were not even able to bring in a camera or a phone to the or.

  • depends on your hospital.  I was able to have DH in the room taking pictures and I had my mom, ds#1, FIL, MIL and DH's grandma all watching from a viewing room.

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  • I took a phone call while I was being seen up. But it depends on the hospital



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