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Strategy for losing baby weight...?!

Hi ladies, 

My baby is 3 months old and I would really like to try to get my pre baby body back. I have about 15 pounds to lose. For those that were successful, can you share some strategies?:) I'm breastfeeding so I can't go crazy dieting but I definitely need to exercise. It is hard to get the motivation since I'm still so tired but I know its important. Ive never had to lose weight before so I'm honestly not sure how to organize myself, what to expect in terms of timeline, and what to do each day. Any help would be appreciated! 

Re: Strategy for losing baby weight...?!

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    I'm in your situation - pp I couldn't do any crazy diets, workouts, etc. so I focused on clean eating. I basically did a paleo diet and tried to limit sugars, carbs, and dairy. This alone made a huge difference. I usually find great paleo recipes on Pinterest. I'm working now so I don't have much time to exercise, but I do kickboxing one day a week and try and squeeze in a run or Jillian Michaels DVD when I can!!!
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    With both kids, I focused on getting a high protein diet. I think I tried to get something like 70 grams of protein a day. This helped with energy as well as weight loss. I also put the baby in the carrier and climbed stairs. It was hard work but helped start to tighten everything up again and burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

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    I struggled really bad after my second. I was craving sugar and weirdly coke every morning when I would wake up. I was so tired all day long. I started out very slow with my exercise and I cut out sugar, dairy, and pretty much any processed foods (for the most part). I starting taking some natural supplements and I LOVE them. They have helped so much with my sugar cravings and helped me have more energy. I am really trying to be patient with myself. I have lost almost thirty pounds and I feel so so so much better. Just remember to be kind to yourself and nourish your body with clean healthy food. Move in a way that you love and makes you happy whether that be dancing, running, walking, swimming just find something you love to do and do it :) 
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    I am on the 21 day fix and I love it! I am down 15 lbs and over 13 inches in 6 weeks! It's awesome!
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    I'm going to 2nd 21 day fix. Baby just hit 10 months & I was determined to lose the weight. I like that it teaches me portion control & how to eat better. Down 9.5 lbs! Lots of ideas on Pinterest
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