How old were you when you had/will have your first child? (Take 2 because I'm a moron) — The Bump
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How old were you when you had/will have your first child? (Take 2 because I'm a moron)

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'Kay, let's try this again... with all the options this time! :)

Curious to see where our group falls in the stats. While I know the average age that women are starting family has gone up generation over generation so lets see what our numbers looks like.

Personally I'll be 29 when LO arrives and while among my friends I'm considered to be getting a "late" start, I don't really see myself as "old". Mind you both my parents were 34 when I came around (only child)

How old were you when you had/will have your first child? (Take 2 because I'm a moron) 296 votes

Under 20
3% 11 votes
Early 20s (20-23)
11% 35 votes
Mid 20s (24-26)
19% 57 votes
Late 20s (27-29)
26% 79 votes
Early 30s (30-33)
28% 83 votes
Mid 30s (34-36)
8% 25 votes
Late 30s (37-39)
1% 4 votes
Over 40
0% 1 vote
0% 1 vote



Re: How old were you when you had/will have your first child? (Take 2 because I'm a moron)

  • I just missed the "early 30s" category by 4 days. My first daughter was born 4 days after my 34th birthday.

    This one will be born a couple of months before my 38th. :)

    I definitely think I fall into the category of an "older mom", though I know these days, I'm not too far above the average.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • I had DD at 27 and will be 29 when this one arrives. So late 20's for both :)

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  • I was 25 with my first, 28 with my second, 30 with my third (I had originally wanted to be done having kids by 30), and now 33 with my fourth
  • I was 24 and thought I was on the upper cusp at the time until I started meeting other moms in the area and I was by far the youngest. 
  • Mid 30's! (late 30's for H).
    (Zoe Claire- born at 33.6 weeks- November 19, '14 - 5lbs 15oz)
  • @Christeng87 I personally don't like to use the whole early, mid, late thing but it is a pretty easy set to measure something like this :P 

    How old you are and how "old" you feel are two totally different things to me.  When I was living in a condo we had a neighbour who couldn't have been over 50 that everyone in the building (including the 80 year old lady down the hall who reminded me of Betty White) called her the "old bag".


  • I was 2 weeks shy of 28 when DS was born.
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  • I'll be 25 when this baby arrives.
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  • I'm 24 and everyone keeps telling me how I'm too young to be a mom, but this reaction was not a surprise at all. I heard the same thing about being too young to get married at 23 (even though DH and I have been together since 9th grade). I'm far and away the youngest of my friends to have a baby.
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  • Just turned 30 when DS was born. Always thought 30 sounded like a good mature age but not too old.
  • 18 with first.


  • I turned 25 three days after DS was born and will still be 26 when this LO arrives :)

  • I had DD at 27 and will be 29 when this one arrives. So late 20's for both :)

    Wow, this is me exactly.

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    I'm a FTM turning 30 in November. I wanted to start trying about 2 years ago but we wanted to save a little more. Well, 2 years later, we realized we weren't getting any richer so to heck with it. It's baby time!
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  • 18 with my first - just 4 days from my 19th birthday.  22 with my 2nd.  Will be 28 when this one is born.
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  • I'm 19!

    Me too!! I'll be two months off 20 when my baby girl is born.
  • Proud to be one of the 3 oldest right now!  lol
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  • I was 32 when DD was born and will still be 34 when this little guy arrives! (I'll be 35 {ouch!} 2 weeks later)
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  • I was 21 when I had DS. I was 7 months pregnant with him when I turned 21 and my doc told me have a glass of wine. I'll never forget walking into the liquor store with his dad and the looks the patrons and employees gave me, but damnit, I wanted to use that wonderful "of age" drivers license!
  • I turned 25 the day after DD was born.
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  • I was a few days shy of my 16th birthday. He was born the 3rd. My birthday is the 8th.

  • my first-  I was 29

    my second I will be 33, a couple months short of 34


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  • Emma was born two weeks before my 30th but she was 6 weeks early.....

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    I have two angel babies that I will see again one day

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    Baby Emma arrived at 35 weeks by surprise on June 3rd, 2013!!

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  • 28, first of our friends to start this journey, but another couple will hopefully be joining us very soon!
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  • I'll be 31 when LO is born. DH is 38. In my culture (European) women marry and have kids young, so according to my grandparents I'm starting very old lol good thing I grew up in Canada!
  • I was 32. One of the first of my friends. Now at 34 I'd say about 1/2 my friends are starting families.

    I will be 34. I found that most of my friends are having kids now in their early to mid-30s similar to your experience @ICarriedAWatermelon‌. My little sister (1 year younger) and all of her friends were in their early to mid 20s.
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  • I will be 31 when baby girl is born.

  • I'm a FTM and I will be 25 when my daughter arrives :)
  • I am a FTM and will still be 25 when my little girl is born!
  • I'll be 27 by the time this LO arrives. I'm the first of all my friends my age to makes babies.
  • I was 23 and will be 31 with this one.
    Me: 31 DH:36
    DSS: 15 DS: 7
    DD born 1/3/15

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  • I was 16 & pregnant, had my daughter a month before I turned 17..
    I am now 19 years old expecting my second child in January.
  • I'm 26, will be 27 when baby arrives. We're the first of our friends and our generation of family to have kids.
  • I had DD at 27 and will be 29 when this one arrives. So late 20's for both :)

    This exactly for me too. This baby will just squeak in before I turn 30 this spring.

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  • I'll be 27. Having a hard time accepting that that is my late 20's!! this a horrible age. Cause that means that I am really in trouble.
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