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Dress up clothes

Hey gals, I want to buy the girls dress up clothes for their birthday, but HOLY CRAP this stuff is expensive! I can buy a Disney Princess dress up "trunk" for about $45, but there's some crappy reviews. Any of you have dress up clothes? Where'd you get them? How are they holding up?



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  • Ours are all hand me downs, but I've seen quite a bit at resale / consignment shops, especially this time of year, before Halloween.
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  • I got a Disney Princess Dress up trunk for my friends daughter a few months ago from Target. It came with two dresses and a few other things and it was about $20.  My friends daughter still loves it after a few months.  Also she gets Halloween costumes on close-out for dress up for her kids. 


  • I buy them used online. A lot of them are cheap quality and rip real fast. i like to buy the better quality ones used. The best quality one I have gotten was Pottery Barn. Disney store is decent. Target and walmart don't last long. They have FB consignment Halloween resale pages now. You can get a good deal.

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    Yup second hand especially thrift shops after around Halloween. If you want a couple new ones we got our disney princess ones at target. Much cheaper than disney store and they are more of a one size fits all so they last longer.
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