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Toddler bed or Twin??

I am wanting to hear what others are doing about the bed situations with their two under two.

Dd will be 22 months when ds arrives. We are planning on giving the new baby the crib so that leaves dd bedless. It seems pointless to me to buy a toddler bed and new mattress for dd if she will just outgrow it soon. Therefore, we have been tossing around the idea of a twin bed instead, then we will be set for her and not have to invest in another bed down the road. We would buy the railings for the twin bed also.

Has anyone else put a child as young as 22 months in a twin? What do you recommend? ?
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Re: Toddler bed or Twin??

  • I personally just bought a second crib.  DD was 19.5 months when DS was born and I didn't really want to deal with an independent toddler on top of a newborn.  DD ended up staying in her crib till 3 so I definitely am happy with my decision.

    I would definitely buy a twin bed versus a toddler.  I don't see the need for a toddler bed.  DS is almost 2 now and he has slept in a twin bed without railings before.  I wouldn't buy them personally.  You could always start by putting the mattress directly on the floor if you're worried about her falling out.  I would try to make the switch sooner rather than later so that your DD doesn't feel like the new baby is taking her bed.  
  • Go with the twin. It's one less transition.

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  • DS#1 was 24 months when we bought him his "big boy" twin bed for his "big boy" room.  DS#2 wasn't born for another 6 months.  We figured turning 2 was a big deal for him and moved him then instead of waiting for DS#2 to come an need the crib/nursery.
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