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President's Choice Pacifiers - WARNING

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A Mom in Winnipeg had to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre to save her sons life because part of the his soother broke off into his mouth. Luckily, the little guy is fine but that would have scared the shit out of me! I have now replaced all of our 2 piece soothers with the Avent 1 piece soother.

Read more: https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/child-s-choking-scare-prompts-mother-to-warn-others-about-pacifiers-1.1999160#ixzz3CwGt4n15

Re: President's Choice Pacifiers - WARNING

  • So scary! How do you know the difference between one and two piece pacifiers??
    [ Zoey <3 7.28.14 ]
  • TexasGirl81TexasGirl81 member
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    So scary! How do you know the difference between one and two piece pacifiers??

    Soothies, get the soothies!!!
    That's just horrible.

    We have our "Irish Twins"

    DD born 8/7/2013

    DS born 7/28/14


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  • @littlemissmaria - just google what @TexasGirl81 said...soothies! I bought them for Spencer and he loves them. They are hospital grade silicone, highly durable and used in hospitals nationwide.

  • This is so scary! I stopped using pacifiers cold turkey with DS1 right after he turned 2 because he was chewing through them.
  • Ohhhh gotcha, I know what soothies are!
    [ Zoey <3 7.28.14 ]
  • I know this is an older post, but for anyone finding it via an Internet search (like I did), be aware that, it was determined that the child in the story had bitten off the pacifier piece. This is easy to do with silicone. It means that, if your child has teeth, they are not safe unsupervised even with a one-piece pacifier. Bottle nipples are not safe unsupervised either. Latex was safer in that regard, but it has been removed from shelves. 
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