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Questions about Rex and Duke Regional/ ob practices

Hi! I recently found out I'm pregnant with my first and need to choose an OB. I live in Durham and am basically trying to decide between delivering at Duke Regional (Durham Regional) or Rex and then going to choose an OB based on that.  Any specific OB recommendations for Rex?  Do either DRH or Rex let the baby stay with your the WHOLE time?

Re: Questions about Rex and Duke Regional/ ob practices

  • I only have experience with Rex.  They do let the baby stay with you the entire time...and really they strongly encourage it.  With my son he was premature (almost full term at 36 wks) so the only time he was in the nursery was to do a car seat test so that he could go home and once while I took a shower.  Otherwise he was with me. I loved Rex and will be delivering there again with this LO.  As for OB's mid carolina has very good doctors...they are located in a building connected to Rex.
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  • I loved Duke Regional. I had my daughter there in May of this year via emergency c-section. They believe in best practice for baby and mom, which includes rooming-in among many (many many many) other things. I wasn't able to room-in with my daughter because she was in the special care nursery, but the staff in the nursery and the floor were superb. I was well taken care of and so was my daughter. I would highly recommend this hospital, especially since they have such a close proximity to Duke if something didn't go according to plan. The OB/GYN that I use is Durham OB/GYN which is literally across the street from Duke Regional. The staff are fantastic, super friendly, and informative. Hope this helps a little!
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  • We loved our experience at Duke Regional - except for the food!  I also used Durham OB/GYN and I highly recommend them.  We delayed our move to another city so I could stay with them during my second pregnancy.
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