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Its Slow here so tell me what to do

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Obviously I will make my own decsion but its slow and I'm bored.

I have an all day meeting on Friday. Normally I pump one time at work and feed DD at lunch. Should I bring my pump to the meeting and try to find somewhere to pump or should I just skip the day and plan to feed and pump as soon as I get home.

No there is no option of having DD brought to me at the meeting and Yes I have skipped a day of pumping before (becasue I was busy and forgot) without dealing with any major consequences. I have not however skipped both the pump and the feed yet.

Its Slow here so tell me what to do 39 votes

Skip it
20% 8 votes
Bring the pump and deal with it
76% 30 votes
SS - third option I am too tired to think of right now.
2% 1 vote

Re: Its Slow here so tell me what to do

  • I've had all day trainings before.  They were out of office so I brought my pump in a big bag.  They make a big fuss about how you have to be there for the entire thing but no one was going to challenge me when I had to go to the bathroom to pump.  Personally, I don't have a problem pumping in a bathroom in a pinch.  I don't care who really sees and I just make sure to keep things as clean as possible.  In your case I would try to pump at least once during the day and them pump immediatly after.
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  • I have the same issue.  Tomorrow I have a (boring) all day meeting from 9am - 6pm. There's no way I can skip my sessions so I called the trainer that I need to be excused twice from 30 - 45 minutes.  Thankfully the training is a couple floors down from my cube so I can run up to the designated room to pump and then go back. If the class wasn't in my building, I totally planned on having them find me a place to go.
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  • I would just bring the pump and then wing it - if you find a place, great, if not then just skip it. But take this with a grain of salt because I've never had to pump before so I don't really know what I'm talking about haha
  • Thanks all. I guess I need to just bring the pump and see what I can swing. The training is not at my job location so I'm not sure what the accommodations will be.

    Last time it was at a prison and no way was I pumping there with cameras everywhere. (Even in the therapists office). This time it is on a rehab facility so we will see. Worse comes to worse I can go to my car at lunch.

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