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overwhelming urge to push

At 40wks 3 days I came in 4 induction. My body was nearly ready on its own w/ mild Braxton hicks contractions when I arrived. 1 dose of med 2 soften my cervix & about 2 hrs later I had a sharp pain/pop & my water broke on its own. From there contractions started to get uncomfortable. After a few hrs I was really feeling them. I finally asked 4 nubane about 3hrs into active labor but by then I was starting 2 progress so quickly it didn't do much 4 me. The last 20-30min it took everything in me not 2 let my body push as we waited 4 full dilation. I never experienced the urge w/ my 1st 2. This time my body was practically taking over. Finally they said push & I barely got a full push in & he was out!! 4hrs from my water breaking our son was a surprise so it was pretty awesome opening my eyes 2 see boy or girl. We have 2 girls already so we are thrilled 2 have a son. My husband was an amazing coach thru labor even as I cried & yelled in pain. And it was so touching 2 see the tears in his eyes afterwards.
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