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10 months and not much of an eater

My little guy is now 10 months old and he just really isn't much of an eater. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips in their experience with babies who you've had difficulty feeding/or are going through the same sort of thing. I've tried lots of different kinds of foods (homemade mush, store bought baby food, rice cereal, oat cereal, grain cereal, baby cookies, baby yogurt drops.....) and it seems that he likes actual foods the most, but chokes on them and then vomits, which makes me very nervous to give it to him! Of course the doctor says it's normal, and I'm sure it is and all if they say so, but I would really like to do something to help him get the hang of this whole eating thing. All the other babies I know around his age have already gotten the hang of it and I can't help but think I'm doing something wrong. I don't force him to eat, so I don't think I've traumatized him and I encourage him as much as I can, but we've tried everything-- even different feeding devices-- spoons, binkies that you can put the baby food into, weird strainer thing that looks like a pacifier but has a mesh on it, hands, squeeze spoons... dude doesn't even like juice!

Re: 10 months and not much of an eater

  • If he is eating actual food I'd stick with that. Little bites of food pea size or smaller is safest. Let him pick them up, throw them on the floor, and hopefully get some in his mouth. The chocking is normal and that's how they learn. Obviously if it's a real chocking threat then step in.  

    I noticed with our if they drink a few ounces of water and then eat they usually throw it all up. 

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  • Thanks, good advice! I'm going to try that. I bet he will like the pea sized bites and I'm sure the spit up is my fault since I give him milk after feeding (being that he is usually still hangry). Guess I'll wait a half an hour between foods and milk.
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  • Smaller pieces definitely will help. The only way he'll get the hang of eating is by practicing. Definitely watch him while he eats, but gagging is completely normal. In fact you risk causing him to choke if you intervene when baby is gagging. Let him gag, and if he doesn't breath after gagging, then intervene.

    At this age, DS alternates meals with bottles every 2 hours. Meals are usually some small pea sized pieces of a soft food and a pouch puree. DS rarely gets hangry, but he always eats something at these meals. 
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  • My 10mo old doesnt like too much solids either. She consistenly likes ripe avocado either in binky or peasize. I learned she likes our food because they have more taste to it. So i get chicken noodle or beef soup (home made if u have time. Just boil 1 piece of meat and add little salt). I mix gerber baby food like turkey and rice flavor with 1 spoonful of soup/broth. I add mashed soft tofu for some texture and protein. She likes that much better than just gerber which tends to be sweet but not savory. For practicing she also eats noodles. Any kind of noodles but i dont think she ingest/ swallow any. She loves cheerios. I am amaze how well and fast she can gum those and swallow. She likes them better than baby puff cereals which are also sweet. I guess my LO doesnt like sweet stuff which is why she doesnt like any fruit puree or apple sauce. I know we are not supposed to give them seasoning as much as we can help it but doc says she can have little bit of whatever we are having for dinner and adultfood has seasoning so i guess little bit is ok. She also loves rope tomato wedges she can gum and eat the meaty part and leave just the skin behind. I tried my own puree but they are not as fine as gerber so she doesnt like them. So we are doing gerber for now.

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