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Question about running with baby

I have a BOB Ironman jogging stroller and I was wondering when you starting running with your baby?  The info with the stroller says 6 months but I have the adapter where you can use the car seat with it.  My baby is almost 3 months and was wondering when it was safe to start running with her?  

Re: Question about running with baby

  • You can use the carseat adapter to walk with your LO in the BOB, but it is not safe to run with the carseat... When you walk with it, you will easily see how it could topple over while running...

    They advise that you should not run with your child in the BOB until s/he no longer needs the infant carseat, ie, can sit by themselves in the regular BOB seat. Every child grows differently, so I don't think there is a month-minimum or anything. Use your best judgment!

    My kiddo is 2 months and I just want him to grow like a weed so I can run with him soon, but since he was a premie, it's going to be a while. :(
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  • Yeah, the 6 month thing has to do with their neck strength. You don't want to jog with them until they reach that point bc of the jostling. I went ahead and bought a jogging stroller and not a regular stroller, but I'll just walk with her until we reach that point.

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  • I also have and love my BOB ( can't wait for my double for baby #2)... I would jog with little one by 3+ months with the car seat adapter. It helped with my stress and put baby to sleep....My 3 yr old still enjoys our runs today... but check with dr.? And or start with walks... the stroller rolls very smoothly!
  • I actually checked this out with our pedi who advised that on a smooth flat surface- this was ok. I started running with both my babies at about 2 months with no problems.
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