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36 weekers- easy bruising

LO is 5 weeks now, 1 week adjusted. When she was born she weighed 3 lbs 7ozs and had a short 9 day nicu stay as a feeder and grower, she now weighs 7 lbs 3.5 ozs. About a week after she came home i noticed she would bruise pretty easily, the plastic chest piece on her car seat bruises her (when it runs along her arms) is this a normal trait?
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Re: 36 weekers- easy bruising

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    If you're talking purple bruises - not just red marks, then I'd say that's not normal. I have yet to see a bruise on my 36 weeker (who's almost 5 months). In your situation, I'd give the pedi a call to ease my mind.

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  • Yeah i took her in for a weight check yest and brought it up. She's going in today to see her pedi. Well see what she says today.
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  • Maybe her iron is low? I think that can be a cause of bruising, and anemia is common in preemies. Our NICU put pretty much all preemies on an iron supplement and dd was on it till about 7-8 months. Hope the doctor gives you some answers! And don't ask Dr. Google!

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  • Lol she's been on a multivitamin with iron. Her dr sent her for some blood work to check her clotting factor and she also sent for an x-ray of the arm that is bruised. X-ray was normal so now we're just waiting on the blood work.
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