Delayed speech?

Hi everyone! It's been almost a year (his first birthday is Wednesday) since Robbie was born @ 31 weeks. He's crawling, pulling himself up, laughing, knows his name and can do the pincer grip but he hasn't even started to babble. He yells - a lot. He grunts and yells. We have a one year check up next week, but should I be worried?
(I'm worried. Is it legit?)

Re: Delayed speech?

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    I don't think you need to be too worried.  Definitely, mention your concerns to a the doctor but if he is making noises and seems to be hearing and eating fine I don't think they would be too concern.  He is only 10 months adjusted - there is such a range at that age with speech.

    However,  if he is still not talking at 18 months then I would be more concerned.  Both my boys (Ds 34w - ds2 - full term).  Had maybe a handful of words at 18 months.  There stil is a huge range of typical speech at that age.  Both times ped not too concerned - but said we would discuss at 2 years.  At 2 the range of typical speech seems to narrow. DS1 was still not talking much so referred him to early intervention. It is a slow process and it was the holidays - November baby so he didn't receive services until he was almost 2.5.  With DS2 I called a couple weeks ago and self referred now we have an appt for when he is too hoping to start closer to 2. 

    If he does have a speech delay then he will qualify for services and since you did catch it early that is great.  My DS1 is still in speech now but only for articulation.  He did and still does get frustrated when people don't understand him - but it doesn't stop him from being a talkative expressive little boy. 


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    My LO is 13 months and was born at 30 weeks. She's also yelling a lot and doing some babbling, but everything is "dada", not sure she even equates it to DH or not. The dr said if she isn't saying dada, mama (which isn't even on her radar :() and one other word by her 15 month appt, she would advise to call EI. However, my mom talked to a speech path that she works with who said that LOs usually don't take off in speech until 18mos or so snd not to worry. She's mimicking us on stuff and has picked up some signs (more and drink) that she uses in context.

    It's so hard not to worry, but I'd ask your pedi if you are worried. It's amazing how these LOs will seem "behind" in an area and then just take off by leaps and bounds shortly after. Good luck :)
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    The range of when they hit milestones widens as they get older. My oldest was FT and didn't have many words at all until close to 20mo. His receptive language was good, but he just didn't have words to express himself. We started using sign language a bit to help alleviate some of the frustration and that helped.

    After the word explosion happened at 20mo, it got loads better. And he's been catching up ever since. He's hust about 4.5 now and never shuts up.

    The babies are 34w and have more babbling sounds at 14mo than I ever remember my oldest one having. But they babble differently - it's kinda fascinating.

    They are really starting to let me know they understand me now, which I was waiting for after they hit a year. But I think they were working on walking first. Once they mastered walking, I noticed a huge uptick in the amount they showed me they understood what I was saying.

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    I feel much better. Thanks everyone! And way to go preemies! ❤️
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