I have an autoimmune disease (behcets) , and it causes me to have a lot of vaginal and cervical inflammation... to the point, that I actually had to be put under anesthesia once to perform a simple Pap smear.

It had resolved itself until I got pregnant, and had to change my medication and then I ended up subsequently going without my medication for 4 months, due to insurance issues.

Because of the severe pain I experience every time I simply go to the bathroom or try to have sex, my doctor has suggested maybe is c section would be neccesary due to the severe inflammation.

I am immune suppressed, & a lot of people with my particular disease have trouble recovering after childbirth, due to not being able to heal properly.

Of course, I have the same risk for a c-section, but that's an area that I can keep an eye on and keep dry.

That said, I have a few friends who have not hesitated to tell me how awful their c-sections were, and how much pain that they were in, one told me it took her a week to recover. Needless to say, I am fucking terrified.

Can anyone please give me your experiences with your recovery? Was yours planned, or emergency?

Re: Terrified.

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    I had an emergency c/s and actually had a very easy recovery.  Lo was born at 9:30pm, I remember waking up at 2am and going to see him with the nurses' help (he was in nicu for a lil bit).  I was up again at 7am to go see him with some help.  I was up, eating, and walking under my own power roughly 12 hours after.  I'm having a rcs this time around and am completely fine with it. 
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    Mine was planned due to a breech baby and it was a wonderful experiece with easy recovery.
    Sure you're not walking an hour or two later but in the grand scheme of things, having to stay in bed for a day or so is really not such a big deal.
    I also have a ton of friends who ended up with csections for various reasons (failure to progress, breech etc) and nobody had a bad experience as far as I know. I made sure to talk all my friends personally and got a lot of positive stories. Once you wrap your mind around the fact that this is in the cards for you just try to have a positive attitude.
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    It will take you awhile to recover, and it will be at least a week before you begin to not notice the twinges accompanying the recovery, but the pain is expected and the doctors are there to help you through it. Take the pain meds they give you and take it easy and it will be a memory before you know it.

    Both my experiences were good. I had an emergency with my first one and had no idea what to expect. For the first couple days, it hurt to sit up and I was given morphine. I would always pump it before I planned to move and it still hurt, but you get through it. By day 3/discharge day, I was able to walk up the stairs to my apartment. If I overdid it, I had pain, but I was able to keep the worst of it at bay with some OTC tylenol (and they'll send you home with a prescription for something stronger if that's not enough).

    My second one actually took a little more out of me, despite being planned, but I think that was partly due to how much walking I did (I had to walk to visit my son in the NICU). Still, as long as I kept up with my pain meds, it was bearable and by the time I was discharged, I was once again able to function with just regular tylenol. Within a week, it was only a problem if I overdid something in my core, for example stretching too far or picking up my 4-year-old.

    Both experiences, yes, it hurt for a couple days. It's major surgery and you can't take that lightly, but within days, I was functioning on my own and only needed help for the heavy lifting.
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    Mine was unplanned after 3 hrs of pushing. I made sure to stay on top of my pain meds as prescribed and get up and walk around as my doctor recommended. I obviously didn't feel like running a marathon after, but I wasn't completely helpless. Immediately after, my lady bits were way more sore than my stomach from pushing for so long.
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    Try not to be too scared. I had a csection after being induced and it wasn't the best experience of my life, but it wasn't that bad either. During the csection I had a very attentive anesthesiologist standing right by my head asking how I was feeling the whole time. The csection itself didn't take very long. Right after the baby was born my boyfriend brought him over to me to say "hello". Then they took the baby to be weighed while I got stitched up.

    Not long after, they wheeled me into recovery where a nurse fed me some ice chips and talked to me about my delivery. In no time, they brought me back to my room to see the baby and my family. The nurses got me up and walking the next day and I was able to have a shower.

    For the first two weeks I was pretty sore (I also didn't keep taking the pain meds when I left the hospital). It was hard to sit up and I felt like crap. You need to relax and take it easy for 6 weeks afterwards. Just focus on the baby and getting your rest. But, in the end I was perfectly fine and now I have a wonderful 2 year old. I'll be having a scheduled csection for our second son in December. Good luck! You'll do perfectly fine :) Just keep in mind that in the end you'll have your beautiful baby and you're doing what's best for your body! 
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    Thanks everyone. I've had a few surgeries - gallbladder, and a gastric bypass in 2004.\, but both ere laproscopic and I assume this would be more painful because its open, and not lap. I meet with my MFM tomorrow, so we can talk about it some more. I do know the hospital does family centered c-sections, and not really sure how much difference that will make in general.

    Thanks, again.
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    Mine was an emergency C-section after attempting pitcoin sent LO straight into distress. 

    Physically the first time you get up is going to be painful - I cried and only made it a few steps. Each time you get up and move around it gets easier. I made the mistake of not resting enough (baby was in NICU and I just wanted to be there) so think I actually made it harder on myself in the end. 

    Couple tips: stay on top of the pain meds, request a stomach binder - this made moving around the first several days so much easier and like others have said try and take it easy (especially when you get home) or have someone around to help. 

    All in all while it wasn't the birth I had planned the first time I'm actually planning to have RCS at the end of the year for our second.
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    Mine was an emergency but I had not been in hours of labor so I went into surgery refreshed.  My body wasn't exhausted after hours and hours of labor.  I do think that helped. 

    I really had minimal pain, to be honest.  I left the hospital after 24 hours and needed only 800mg ibuprofen after the 3rd day.  The gas pains were the worst- take a stool softener and gas x.

    I realize my experience and recovery is rare but it's a good "other end of the spectrum" story to counter the nightmare ones people love to share.

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    I had a planned c-section (for medical reasons) and I had a wonderful experience. I went into it rested and ready.  I was in and out of the operating room in an hour. That day was uncomfortable and painful, but the pain medication helped tremendously. 

    I was up and inthe shower the next morning (less than 24hours later) and in my clothes.  I stayed on top of my pain meds and chugged water like it was my job.  I was feeling physically "well" in about 2 weeks.   I came off of all pains meds 7 days post partum...


    If I had advice, I would say the following:

    • Stay on top of your meds
    • Get up and get moving as soon as physically possible - walk the halls in the hospital!
    • Ask for a belly band at the hospital  (12 inch elastic wrap to hold your incision stable) - THIS WAS AWESOME!
    • And take help when you need it! 
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    I had an emergency c-section due to "failure to progress" and my LO's reaction to the petocin. I didn't have that bad of a time at all. I did think I was going to throw up at one point during the surgery, but that was nerves and probably the fact that I had been in labor for over 12 hours. I never felt the "pressure" they always talk about when they take the baby out, but I could tell the table was moving lol. After she was born, they let me hold her, then took her away while they finished up. I was having conversations with the Dr and nurses the whole time. In recovery, they allowed me to feed my baby and hold her the whole time. Unfortunately, I was there during shift change and had to stay for over 3 1/2 hours. After that, my nurse allowed me to sneak in a meal, even though I wasn't supposed to eat that night (it was about 9pm). It was just soup and bland foods, but after not eating for over 24 hours, I would take anything. I did have a lot of pain when they finally removed my epidural after about 24 hrs, but it wasn't severe.  Again, they are all different, but I was happy with my experience and will be doing it again in March.
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    I had a c-section because I was too small and my baby was too big. There's truly nothing to be worried about I wouldn't have had it any other way. I mean I recovered fairly fast. I'm not gonna lie and say it doesn't come with pain because it does but I would've chose c-section over vaginal delivery any day!
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    My section was planned due to multiple fibroids blocking baby's exit. The surgery and recovery went much better than I ever expected!! The worst pain of the entire deal was the IV that the nurse put in my hand when I was getting checked in that morning. My suggestions are these:
    -- talk to your anesthesiologist before and during surgery to tell them your fears, concerns, etc. Mine was awesome and the second I felt like I may have been nauseated he gave me something for it and it immediately went away. After the baby was out he also gave me something to help me relax but not make me feel loopy or drugged up.
    --stay ahead of the pain. Rotate whatever pain meds and ibuprofen they give you for the first day or so. Don't be a hero and think you don't need something.
    --walk, walk, walk!!! I fully credit getting up and taking showers and walking the halls of the maternity floor with saving me lots of pain!
    --talk to your nurses/doctor and speak up for yourself and your needs!

    I would have another section without blinking an eye. It was a great experience for me!!
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    Thanks everyone! I also talked with my Dr yesterday, and feel much better about it.
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    The first couple of days were a bit rough, but with a little help, completely manageable. Honestly I hadn't planned for a c section but I really had a pleasant experience all in all. I'm a week postpartum now and I feel pretty great, just physically tired.

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    Ok, a week to recover? That’s not a long time for a major surgery. Its takes about 6 weeks to feel 100% normal. The first few days suck pretty bad, but the rest is manageable. They give pain medication. I say stay in the hospital as long as they let you, and if you do what they say you should feel a bit better when you go home

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    @summererobinson‌ I've had two sections and I'm a week postpartum, I'm officially off pain meds and can sleep on my sides. It was about the same time frame with my first. Drs give driving restrictions and heavy lifting restrictions for 6 weeks. It doesn't take six weeks to recover or feel 100% normal, yes it is a major surgery getting up and taking care of yourself and baby just walking around in general helps with recovery. At the most three weeks I felt 100% normal, this time I'm already starting to feel "normal"
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