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Portland Metro Due April 2015?

Hi! I'm currently 6 1/2 weeks pregnant...and in Antarctica. FTM. Baby slipped through the cracks of the pregnancy screening so I'll be coming home early October and will probably be looking for friends to do classes and shopping etc with. Who else has got a little Aries brewing!?

Re: Portland Metro Due April 2015?

  • I am due May 29 and live in Multnomah village


    My little bug, Madeline. Born June 2, 2013.

  • I'm from NE Portland. I am due with my first baby April 21st! I am 12 weeks now & my belly is starting to grow quickly, it's crazy!
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  • 17w2d here, due 4/23 with first child and live in SE Portland(work in Vancouver, that's a fun commute!)
    Had no idea there was an Oregon board here until today. I've been stalking the A'15 board for the past few months. 
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    EDD: 4.23.2015

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  • Hello! I'm due May 2nd and live in Portland, near Washington Square. So glad there is a local board!!
  • Hi mamas! I'm a FTM due late April or early May, out in Scappoose OR. Planning for an unmedicated water birth in Portland. Would love to connect with other like minded ladies in the area!
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  • I'm planning to give birth at Andaluz water birth center. How about you?
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  • Do they allow you to deliver in the water, or just labor? I'm sure you will have a great birth at Good Sam. That said if you're really unsure about it, you can still switch especially if you're considered low risk. Andaluz and Alma both do free tours/interviews.
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  • @RubyThistle‌ I'm also delivering at Andaluz, due May 2nd. I'm going to the Tualatin center because it's a bit closer to home but I'm thinking about getting involved with the classes at the Portland one.
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