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jogging stroller recommendations?! (x-post)

My husband and I are training for a half marathon and with our schedules we'd like to be able to run together, but of course we need a way to bring LO!

Even when we're not training we probably run 15-25 miles a week each, so this is something we'd use a lot and would love recommendations about jogging strollers.  Is the BOB worth it or is there a less expensive version that can handle lots of miles?


Re: jogging stroller recommendations?! (x-post)

  • We have the Joovy Zoom and really like it, but DH and I are 6'0" and 5'8" respectively.  It doesn't have an adjustable handlebar, and if you're on the shorter side I wouldn't recommend it.  If you're taller though, this one is great (and a bit cheaper than the BOB).
  • I have the BOB and love it.  I went to Buy Buy Baby and got it using a price match with something I saw online.  It was very easy to run with and it really handles bumps on our sidewalks really well.  I would say shop around for one if you can, or maybe find a used one.

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  • I like the Graco FastAction fold one.
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  • For a single, my Baby Trend does the job and it's a lot cheaper than the Bob. I also like that it has a cupholder/snack tray for your LO. For a double, I'd say Bob. I'm not a fan of my Baby Trend double- the front wheel gets stuck sideways randomly despite all of the things my DS and I have tried. My sister has the double Bob and it's way easier to push and manuever that my Baby Trend.
  • We love our Chico activ3 jogger, it is slightly smaller than a lot of other joggers and was cheaper too. We also love the adjustable handle bars. I am 5'2" and my husband is 6'5" so it works well for both of us.
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  • I have friends with a BOB and they love it. We wanted one, but it was a little out of our price range. We have the Jeep running running stroller and it has been great.
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  • We just got the Baby Jogger Summit X3. I LOVE it! We compared it to a BOB and this just seemed so much easier with the one strap pull and the placement of the locking mechanism. Saying that, BOB is on sale at Target. see below. we did get a price match at Buy Buy baby though. We looked at a lot of reviews first.


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  • I have the Jeep running stroller and love it. It has a built in speaker and jack for my iPod; it's not exactly Bose quality sound, but DD loves being able to listen to music as we jog. One caveat: the front wheel is fixed and doesn't swivel, but it's not super difficult to steer once you get the hang of it. All in all it's been a great buy!

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  • We have a mountain buggy which are also expensive, but we got ours on craigslist used. To us it was more important to have quality over new. It has an adjustable handlebar which I think is crucial if you're different heights because you need to have good posture when running.
  • For all that running, I suggest getting a BOB. Lightweight and has high reviews.

    Graco is heavy and has no suspension

    Baby Trend is OK, but has lots of complaints of wobbly wheels. 

    Jeep- Heavy

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  • Thanks everyone !!!
  • OK, totally late to the game but if you haven't bought it yet I'd highly recommend the Summit X3 over the Bob. The locking mechanism makes it so easy to lock/unlock the front wheel. I couldn't imagine the hassle of having to lean over the front of the stroller every time I wanted to switch it up. I'm a long distance runner and this feature sold me. 

  • Love, love, love my BOB. They are pricey but worth it if you put a lot of miles on it.  I can still use mine with my 3.5 year old.  

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  • We have a BOB and love it! Best stroller I would highly recommend it.
  • BABY JOGGER SUMMIT X3! I tested the Bob and the Baby Jogger at Buy Buy Baby and felt the jogger glided better plus it had an easier one hand, one step fold and a hand brake if you live in hiller areas. It's worth the money if you run as much as you do. You can always sell it later.
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