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Hi ladies,

We're a mostly formula feeding family who is currently very happy using Enfamil Infant, but when LO was born in June we signed up for all the freebies we could get! Now we have some Similac Sensitive samples and coupons/checks that we won't be using. I'd hate to see them go to waste and would be happy to mail them to anyone here who can put them to good use!

Here's what I have:
4-pk RTF Similac Sensitive 2 oz bottles (exp 5/1/15)
8 oz can Similac Sensitive powder, unopened (exp 7/1/15)
$5 off 2 1.3 lb or larger Similac Powder coupon for Target (exp 10/12/14)
8-$5 Similac Checks (exp 10/2/14 x2, 10/30/14 x2, 11/15/14 x4)

PM me if you're interested in anything :-)
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