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Whey protein

Does anybody takes whey protein???
I read that some people take, some not. There is BCAA and I don't know if that can harm the baby. I take the isopure zero carbs and also eat QUEST protein bars.

Re: Whey protein

  • I've never heard anything bad about it. Isopure is good stuff :)
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  • I have a protein shake almost every morning made with chocolate whey protein, a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a small scoop of instant coffee, no issues here.
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  • I continue to take whey first thing in the a.m. and immediately following training. I do check the label because some brands don't recommend taking while pregnant. I think it is just a precaution but I've stayed away from those kinds
  • BCAA is actually something you want in your protein. It promotes protein synthesis so your body can absorb it

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  • I've still been drinking whey protein shakes after workouts. I never thought twice about it? I think I'll check the label tonight though just in case as jaz mentioned! I did stop taking my pre workout of course, I think that's probably a no no.
  • Many pre workouts have high amounts of caffeine or other stimulants, so they aren't advised during pregnancy. I haven't been able to locate one that doesn't advise pregnant women not to take it so I've had to go without.
  • I've been wondering about quest bars also-anyone have any insight on these?
  • My dr recomended taking it with smoothies
  • I switched to an organic, plant-based protein powder with no soy and no artificial sweeteners or additives. I love SFH Fuel, which is great for pre-workout and doesn't contain caffeine. And I just got a great organic, vegan protein made by Orgain, it's called Organic Protein. It's completely clean and it tastes good too
  • schwabab said:

    I've been wondering about quest bars also-anyone have any insight on these?

    I LOVE Quest bars. I would think they are safe since most are sweetened with Stevia. Definitely the best protein bar out there, pretty sure I could live off the cookies & creme flavor :D would be curious to hear other opinions!
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    I asked my ob doctor because I am also taking isopure while pregnant and she said that it was fine to take. She even was surprised about how good of a protein shake it was. 
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