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infant probiotics

Wow - after almost NEVER starting threads for 9 months, I feel like that's all I'm doing lately! This one is long...buckle up.

To preface this discussion, DD has her checkup on Monday, so I'll be discussing this with our pedi then...

So dd only poops once a week. She just had two massive poos today after not going for SEVEN DAYS. It is regular poop, nothing wrong with it... she's not constipated.

Every week the poops get farther and farther apart. First it was every three days, then 4, then 5, now SEVEN. I know that it isn't uncommon for ebf babies to not poop every day, but come on.

In the mean time, DD is CONSTANTLY grunting and pulling her knees up to her chest when I put her down to sleep. She's always restless, and in the last few days has barely napped at all.

So yesterday, I call the pedi, and the nurse tells me that this is normal. That if she hasn't pooped by today to give her juice (apple, prune, etc.). That's all...

Then today, the massive poops - and then she sleeps totally peacefully ALL DAY AFTER THAT. Seriously, I didn't even need to swaddle or rock her - she just fell asleep on her own. It's as if she hasn't slept in days. She got up long enough to eat and poop for the second time, then fell asleep again.

Someone I know had a baby with the same "symptoms" - she ended up excluding dairy from her diet and introducing infant prebiotics, and the gas and pooping issue cleared up completely.

Has anyone given their lo probiotics? If so, what brand did you buy? Did they "work"?

I'm not even going to buy anything until we see her doctor on Monday, but i just wanted to see if there were people that have heard of this, and if it is legit.



Re: infant probiotics

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    We use Natures Way childrens probiotic and it works well. Another good product is Wellments Baby Move, it's prune juice concentrate with probiotics. Be careful ordering probiotics online because they need to be refrigerated. Good luck!!
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    I have been giving my LO the Gerber Soothe probiotics since she was around 3 weeks old . . . she got less fussy a few days after I started but I can't say they've helped with the frequency of pooping -- my LO poops only every few days, often waiting at least 4 days, and has gone as long as 6 days.  She does the drawing up the knees and grunting thing, too.  What I start doing after a few days is trying to induce by taking a fake rectal temp.  Sometimes it works, especially if I leave her on the changing table for a few minutes after inserting the thermometer and massage her tummy and bicycle her legs.  I also notice she likes to poop sitting upright so she often does it while sitting in her Baby Bjorn bouncer, and once in the carseat.  FWIW.
  • I haven't personally used probiotics, but my cousins pedi suggested them to her for her DS. He was colicky, fussy and super gassy all the time. I can't remember the brand she used, but she was able to get it at a Whole Foods store. Within a week her DS was so much happier! He started burping regularly and the gas went away. He was like a completely different baby!
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    I should add:  I only do the rectal temp thing once a day, the frequency recommended by my pediatrician.  
  • Thanks guys! I will definitely ask about this then - maybe it will just help her gas...



  • We use Gerber soothe drops which have a probiotic in them. We are doing it at the recommendation of our pedi mainly bc our baby girl has baaaaad acid reflux and a bit of colic. And I do see a big difference! Bad mom I am, I thought DH was giving them to her and he thought vice versa so she didn't get them for a few days. We could for sure tell a difference! She wiggles and lefts her legs less when trying to sleep- which seems to me like she was doing it due to gas pains, in our case.
    Wishing you and your baby the best!
  • My DD was FF and pooped only 1 - 2x per week. I called them poop marathons. She would fill a diaper, and continue pooping as I was changing her to avoid a blowout, and would usually fill 3 diapers at a time. It was ridiculous, but normal according to the pedi.

    We are using Gerber Soothe with DS at the suggestion of some of the ladies on this board, and he's been having a BM at least once a day, even on soy which is known for causing constipation.

    If LO seems really uncomfortable, and takes bottles, I'd suggest offering a half ounce of warm water in a bottle before any sort of juice mixture. It worked wonders when DS was backed up from a formula switch, and it's just water.


  • It *does* seem bizarre to only poop once weekly. Several of my friends have babies that go even further than that... one has a 4 month old who has been going every 10 days for several months now. Normally not an issue, but obviously your LO is uncomfortable. I'd probably take steps slowly to see what helps... starting with the dairy elimination-- that way you know for sure which thing is resolving the issue. 
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  • Just bought the Gerber Soothe drops today. DD is always drawing her knees up and complaining. She's also gassy and seems to act backed-up. I hope they work
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  • Sorry OP, I haven't read all of the comments back so I may repeat a suggestion, BUT we had the same issue with DS. After trying 6 different formulas, the 7th one is the charm. We stumbled upon it by happenstance. I was looking at my weather app when up popped a mobile add for the new Enfamil Reguline. It's designed specifically to help babies poop, instead of probiotics like the bio gaia in Gerber's soothe formula, this formula uses prebiotics - and DS is now much more regular and comfortable! Downside...although I live in a major metroplex (DFW), it's so new I can't buy it within a 100 mile radius at a store so I have to order it online through Amazon, though Target also has it online. Also, again so new my pedi hadn't even heard about it yet. Upside, it's not a crazy expensive formula like Alimentum or Nutramigen. Anyway, I definitely recommend it if you haven't already found another solution that seems to be working for you. Good luck!
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  • So as an update:

    We went to the doctor Monday and she told us to start probiotics to try to help her poop.

    She had gotten her first vaccinations so I held off a day and started yesterday. But my mom keeps making me just do 1/3 of a packet because a whole packet is the dose for a one year old.

    QUESTION - what dose are you giving your lo?

    Tomorrow will be yet another week between poops :(



  • After reading this chain we decided to start giving our daughter probiotics.  She has been on them since Friday.  She was having problems with major pains when trying to pass gas and bowel movements.  Within 2 days things were already better.  She farts now without straining and has more regular poops.  I never thought I'd be so happy to hear my classy daughter fart!!

    We have her on the full dosage of 1/4 teaspoon once daily.  

    Side note: I got these at whole foods and they are refrigerated, so I wouldn't buy them off Amazon.
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  • I use qiara probiotics with my kids even before when they're still an infant. Since then, they rarely suffer from digestive issues. I hope it helps. Also, I heard probiotics really help a lot on maintaining our second brain which is  our gut, healthy but yeah, you should consult your doctor first before taking anything.
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