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Bumbleride Indie Twin

Has anyone used this? Reviews are making it look pretty darn good, and I especially want something "all terrain". I've just never heard of it before...

Re: Bumbleride Indie Twin

  • No first hand experience, but a friend has it and likes it a lot. Nice all terrain tires and come with car seat adapter and belly bars. It is very big and awkward when folded, and the tires need to be pumped and can go flat (as opposed to baby jogger GT wheels which are filled with foam to avoid this).

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  • We have the single Indie and I absolutely adore it.  I think it's one stroller that doesn't get enough hype. 

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  • I was originally trying to decide between the Bob Revolution and the City Elite Single, but this stroller is so much smaller (lengthwise) and also more narrow and lighter, so I want to try it out.  Does anyone have experience with the air filled stroller tires?  I'm a FTM and I do worry about them going flat, which would be a total pain.
  • My friend has it and loves it. Plus, it's beautiful :)

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  • We have the single Indie and love it. It's so much more compact and versatile than a Bob. We also have an older Bumbleride QueenB which also has air filled tires. We pump up the tires once a year or so when I notice them starting to get flat. But they've been great, no issues!
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