Inter-Provincial (Or State) Adoptions?

We were approached by our SW to see if we would be open to showing our profile to two birth mothers that are in Ontario. That is 38 hours away from our home in Alberta. We would have to stay in Ontario for a month, waiting for the revocation period to end. What info can you ladies throw at me about situations like this? How soon would you leave to travel that far? Would you go before the due date or wait until the labour starts? How do people manage to live away from home for so long? I know that this is still only a potential situation, but I would like to wrap my head around it if possible.

Re: Inter-Provincial (Or State) Adoptions?

  • Since we would be there for a month, we definitely want to have our vehicle. But it's a 38 hour drive! And that is if you do not stop for anything. So, I just feel like if we leave when labour starts, we will be there after they are discharged from the hospital. Would that be a problem?
  • Rent a car when you get there
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  • I feel like it was on here someone mentioned staying on the border between provinces for the time frame so that h could work at least part of it, but considering your distance it may still be crazy. I second renting a car- if cost is a problem could you stay somewhere with public transportation and only rent part of the month. You could also book a flight when she goes into labor or for her due date by yourself and have h follow in a car.

    Honestly, I'd fly. Couldn't imagine being stuck in a car for 2 days when my future child is being born. Also, I would NOT do that drive with a newborn! At month they eat every 3ish hours and it's not safe to feed a bottle while strapped in a car seat. So this means stopping to feed. Many babies that age take 20-30 mins to eat, plus burping and changing. This means about a dozen stops or 6 extra hours to the 38. Yuck.

    Good luck!
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