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Am I Pregnant?

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(hehe, I get annoyed when people ask this question, and here I am asking it!)

I got my first post pregnancy period this past Aug 1st (my baby is now 9months old).
34 days later, I haven't gotten my period yet!!

Just in case. I took an "early results" pregnancy test in the middle of the day yesterday. There wasn't a line. I mean, I could "imagine" a line if I looked real close.

Here's my question: if I WERE pregnant, my hormones would make a nice strong positive on an "early results" pregnancy test, right?
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Am I Pregnant? 41 votes

You're pregnant, just take another test in a few days
4% 2 votes
You're NOT. If you were it totally would have shown up.
21% 9 votes
Who can tell?
73% 30 votes
Other (explain in comments)
0% 0 votes

Re: Am I Pregnant?

  • I'm assuming you're BF considering you didn't get a period until 9m PP, are you still BF? 

    You've only had one period, your cycles may be off and irregular for a while yet.
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