Anyone not doing the progestrone shots and carried to full term for subsequent pregnancy?

Hi everyone,

I have been a following the TTC/Pregnancy after preemie tread and it has been tremendously helpful. Thanks you ladies. I am currently 32 weeks 3 days along with my second pregnancy, my son was born at 35 weeks with unexplained PROM and stayed in the NICU for 9 days.

I elected to not take the progesterone shots this time around for a number of reasons (can't say I am completely without regrets) but now I am getting a bit nervous because baby is measuring slightly big (my son was born 6lb 6oz at 35weeks) my Dr. is not too concerned but did mention that sometimes your body just can't carry beyond a certain size, and that if I go into labor after 34 weeks there's essentially very little that can be done. All I can do now is to take it as easy as I can and hope for the best, but at the same time I can't help but wonder how likely I will be able to make full term (38weeks, I guess according to the new guideline?) and wonder if others have done it without the progesterone shots. - Thanks.

Re: Anyone not doing the progestrone shots and carried to full term for subsequent pregnancy?

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    I had the progesterone shots - and really did not think they were very helpful.  I delivered DS1 at 34 weeks unexplained PPROM no complications until then.  With DS2 I started having contractions at 32 weeks - my nurse caught them - I couldn't feel them and sent me to L&D - stop contractions.  I continued have contractions (like every 5 min for a min for a hour) off and on until 39 wks when I was induced (other complications).  I think I went full term because I was montiored closely, went in to L&D or called my OB or MFM with any concerns and was on modified bedrest.  I learnt what contractions felt like and rested and drank water at the first sign.  So take it easy if you feel "off" call and get checked / monitored/ have them check your uterus for contractions - nurse would put her hands on my belly.

    Also, I was told that they wouldn't stop anything after 35 wks - but they did give me shots of tributiline in L&D to stop my contractions at 35w2d - which did finally stop (slow) my contractions.  
    Good luck-  hope baby stays put!  


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    I did get the shots, but what your doctor said about some women's bodies not being able to carry beyond a certain size may ring true!

    I had DS1 at 32w3d, due to PTL 4 lbs. 6oz. DS2 was born at 36w0d due to PTL at 5 lbs. 6 oz. My doctor did worry about whether or not I'd be able to birth a FT baby due to my tiny pelvis. So who knows if I got the extra 3 weeks because of the shots or because DS2 was smaller (gestational-wise) than DS1. Tbh, if DS1 had come at 35 weeks, I'd probably decline the shots, too.

    I'm sure you're taking it easy, and that's all you can do at this point! Good luck! I hope baby stays in for several more weeks!


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    Thanks Ladies for your kind responses. I am feeling a little better about the whole situation. I am taking things pretty easy and so far no contractions! I am hopeful that baby will stay put for a least couple more weeks...
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