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WTF Wednesday or Dear Boss/BD/Someone who makes us mad

Anyone need to vent? Here's the thread! Either just tell us the story, or write a vent to someone that they will never see. hahaha

Dear Boss's Boss's Boss:

I understand that the volume is going down. I'm not sure you see the cause/effect the way we on this side of the office see it.  I am doing the work of two people.  I can't keep up and there are things on my desk from the beginning of last month.  The less people we have, the more things get messed up, the more clients fire us, the more you let people go.  Do you see this?  I see this. Even hiring a couple of part-timers without benefits for a few hours a week could help us IMMENSELY.
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Re: WTF Wednesday or Dear Boss/BD/Someone who makes us mad

  • Also...

    Dear BD:


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  • Dear Skinny Co-Worker,

    Please stop referring to your self loudly as "this fat cow right here" beacuse you ate three tostados.

    I have got AT LEAST 30 pounds on you, so I can't imagine what you are calling me in your head.




    BFP 1- EDD 2/09/11 Missed MC DX @11 weeks D&C- 7/25/10 BFP 2- EDD 12/22/11 Natural MC @ 5w 2d BFP 3- EDD 1/25/12 DD Josephine born 1/16/12

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  • Dear BDs lawyer,

    You suck suck suck!  Seriously.  How many more times will you file for these continuances?  Although it was good to hear this morning that the judge is getting sick of them and you won't be getting any more. =))


    Dear mini-orios,

    You are delicious.  Please don't tell DD I raided her emergency snack stash.  :D

    Oddly, I really don't have much to bitch about today.  I'd love a nap, though.  The kind that happens without a child in my bed.  Or a cat.  Or the dog barking at every other dog within a 3 block radius.  I-)
  • Dear Self,

    Get your shit together. Crying uncontrollably on the way to and from work is not ok. This is your new life. Get over it. Get the fuck used to it. And move on. Stop giving yourself headaches. It's not helping anyone.

    The stronger you that is inside you
  • lurchbaby said:

    Dear Mom, 

    You are wonderful and I love you. Picking up M and having dinner ready on Tues/Thurs is the best. 

    Your deeply grateful daughter
    Ha, that was a good little slip in there.  I think I/we should do that too!

    Dear mom:


    Thanks for everything you do and for all the leftovers you bring over so I can have lunch at work!

    your favorite daughter. hahaha

    One of my favorite scenes. haha!

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    [Deleted User]
  • Dear anatomy,

    Why cant i pass this test?

    Dear mom,

    Thanks for packing me lunch since i forgot to this morning.

    Your happy full daughter
    20thirteen[Deleted User]
  • Dear Loser Soon to be EXhusband,
    I stood by you after you threw your job away causing me to work harder, so you could sit on your ass smoking weed for a year. I was stupid enough to make excuses for you and defend you to my parents. You emotionally abused me, posted Craigslist ads behind my back, and spent time alone with another woman. And somehow I was the one with the problem. 

    You SUCK! I hate you. You spend your evenings now drinking and smoking with nasty, trashy girls while I work hard to raise our daughter to be the complete opposite of those girls. I don't need you, and I can do better. Even if I don't say it to your face, because I'm a better person than you will ever be, YOU LOST EVERYTHING. 

    Your formerly adoring wife

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